3 Scuba Diving Gear Must-Haves

3 Scuba Diving Gear Must-Haves

Scuba diving is enjoyable since there are many beautiful places in the water that people have not explored. Whenever you dive, the sites look different under water than what they would on land. Many scuba divers say that they feel peaceful whenever they descend into the water. There is no noise, no car hooting, no phone calls, and other life troubles. As you scuba dive, you can move in a freeway since there is no restriction. You feel like you are flying while at the same time, get a feeling that you have become a part of marine life. If you are a scuba diver, you will meet different people and share your experiment. As you connect with others, your social network grows. Since there are risks, you need to wear protective gear. Below are the top three gears you need to have

1) The Diving Mask and Diver Watches

As you descend below the ocean, remember that the water is salty. Your eyes cannot see well in the salty water. Since you need to explore to see the beauty of the other world and the breath-taking surroundings, you need the diving mask. You can rent or buy one. For your health and comfort, buying one that fits you is a better choice. At least you are the only one using it, without compromising your health. A divers’ watch is an important gear because when under the water, you are likely to lose track of time. The watch will help you to know how long you have been under the water since conventional waters will not work underwater.

2) Scuba Fin and Gloves

To propel in the water and get a good feeling of flying, you require fins. Through them, you can control your movement. They are two types: the full foot pin and the open heel. Do your research before deciding on either. You also require gloves. The scuba diving gloves are not ordinary gloves. Their material is more durable and robust. They are vital since they protect your hands from injury as you explore in the underwater caves. Since the water is cold, the gloves will ensure that your hands remain warm.

Panny Yu and I deep sea diving off the coast of Honduras.

3) The Scuba Tank and the Regulator

A human being is not like a fish. You cannot survive for long under the water without oxygen. The human desire to explore led to the invention of gas cylinders. If you want to dive into the ocean, you require a gas cylinder. It is a crucial breathing apparatus with the storage of high volume specialized gas mixtures. Such mixtures include the Nitrox.

Since it is impossible to swim with your nose inside the scuba tank, you require a regulator. Carry the container on your back. It has a high-pressure air. The regulator reduces the pressure between the tank and your mouth, allowing you to breathe well.

The regulator has two main stages. The first one connects to the scuba tank. It is commonly known as the first stage. The other part that connects to your mouth is the second stage. As you enjoy the exploration, you require enough comfort. When choosing the regulator to buy, do your research, and pick the comfortable one.

You can lose direction or suffocate if you finish the air. The second part of the regulator has two parts: the gauge and the compass. The compass helps you to know the direction. The gauge helps you to know how much air is remaining in the tank.

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