4 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need a Smartphone Case

4 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need a Smartphone Case

Despite the risks, many backpackers continue to carry around their smartphones without added protection in the form of a phone case. According to one study, one-in-four smartphone owners don’t use a case to protect their device. Though a five-year-old study, there is little indication that these figures have changed since 2013. The same report reveals that almost 9-in-10 iPhone owners use a case. That leaves an awful lot of Android owners rocking a smartphone au naturel.

The report further shows that price is a big factor in the decision to go without a case. iPhone users tend to be less price-sensitive. So picking up a case with the phone is not a big deal.

There is also a matter of needs-perception. More iPhone users see the need for a protective case than Android users. There is a lot driving this perception. Part of it might be the initial cost of the device.

The average selling price for iPhones is pushing $700. For Android phones, it is around $250. The more expensive the item, the more natural it is to want to protect it. Here are a few more reasons why everyone should have a protective case regardless of platform:

Glass Sandwich

Ever since the release of the iPhone 4, it has become popular to make smartphones with glass on both the front and the back. These glass sandwiches are beautiful but fragile.

Apple walked back that design with the iPhone 6. But they brought it back in a big way with iPhones 8 and X. Those glass backs are going to be around for a while because now, there is a much better reason to have them: inductive charging.

That is why those Apple iPhone 8 cases have gone from nice to have, to must-have. It is now more expensive to repair the back of the phone than it is to repair the front. Android phones have actually had inductive charging longer. So there is no getting away from glass sandwiches. If you have one of those, you definitely need a protective case.

Picture Perfect

If you take a close look at your smartphone, you might see where the microphone is if you know where to look. You can barely tell it is supposed to be a phone. But just flip it over, and one of the most prominent features is the camera lens and flash. You are not carrying a smartphone. You are carrying a smart camera.

It may not be perfect for every occasion. But there are many situations where the best camera for the job is the one on your smartphone.

That means that you are not just protecting a voice communicator. You are protecting your camera: the one that takes the great selfies of you and Micky at Disneyland. It is the one that lets you Instagram your lunch or your wedding reception. You want to protect your phone because it is a lot more than a phone.

Smartphones Are More Vulnerable to Drops

There was a time when a mobile phone was a backup device that you kept for emergencies. You put it in your pocket or bag and left it there until needed. Those days are long gone.

Today, smartphones have become fidget toys. People seem to feel uncomfortable without one in, or near to hand. This has become so big of a problem that the major smartphone producers are now utilizing software to help control smartphone addiction. The more we handle these devices, the more vulnerable they are to drops and damage.

Cases Make Smartphones Easier to Handle

Some people love the feel of their device. Others find it too grippy or too slippy. There is no such thing as one size fitting all. Smartphone cases allow you to customize the feel of your device.

For some, it is a matter of keeping it from sliding from a desk. For others, it allows them to wear it on a holster for more convenient access. Still, others find the modern smartphone to be a little too thin. So they get a case that offers just the right amount of heft and girth.

If you are one of those who haven’t given in to the case craze, consider the cost of replacing or repairing that glass sandwich. Think about how much you do with the phone that you wouldn’t want to be without. Consider how much you use your device, and how easy it is to improve the hand-feel.

If you are still not convinced, just stop by an Apple Store and notice how many people are in there for repairs that could have been avoided had they been using a case.

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