4 Things to Look for When Choosing Your Hotel Stay

The hotel business is booming, and while that means that you will never fall short of a place to stay, it also means that you have a ridiculous number of hotels to sort through to find the perfect stay for you and your loved ones. Finding your perfect hotel can be hard, so make sure that you’re paying close attention to these four things when choosing your stay.

4 Things to Look for When Choosing Your Hotel Stay

A Good Location

One of the most important aspects of a hotel that you should always research thoroughly is the location. There is no point in staying at a hotel in a rural area if you want to vacation in a huge city like New York.  However, we do appreciate the fact that hotels in big cities such as New York would be far more expensive than they would further out of the city. If you want to save money by staying in a less central location, make sure that you research the ease of public transport from the hotel or how long it would take for you to drive to your desired location.

On the balcony in our Hotel in Bukavu, DR Congo

Maximum Comfort

If you’re going to be paying lots of money to stay in a hotel, you need to make sure that your chosen stay provides maximum comfort. After all, being on your feet exploring new places all day long can be both very mentally and physically exhausting, so you’ll want comfort to rest your head. You can check just how comfortable your stay will be by looking at the sizing information of amenities such as the bath, whether a robe and slippers are included, or what kind of bed is provided. Make sure that you look out for hotels that offer a memory foam mattress, as they adapt to the curves and shapes of your body and help to provide a good night’s sleep.

Staying in Paradise at the Coco Beach Hotel, Togo

If Individual Requirements are Met

Everyone has their own individual desires and needs when they go traveling that must be met by the hotel that you have chosen, so you need to ensure that your hotel has everything you could ask for. For example, if you work out daily and don’t want to break this habit, check that your stay has a gym available. Every hotel has different rules for their gym users, so make sure that you check whether entry is included in the booking price, if it is open 24/7, and whether it provides the equipment that you require. As well as this, make sure to look out for how dietary requirements are accounted for, if the rooms have been soundproofed, or if it is disability friendly.

Positive Reviews

Every hotel website will tell you exactly what you want to hear, such as rooms being spotlessly clean or having good Wi-Fi reception throughout the entire hotel. If you want to hear actual facts and anecdotes of what staying at a particular hotel is really like, make sure that you look out for positive reviews from visitors on travel compare and review sites. Often previous guests will not only give their personal account of their stay but provide evidence such as photos to reinforce their claims. If you see more photos of mold in the corners of the bathroom than you do of spotlessly clean bedsheets, you may want to consider continuing your search and spending your hard-earned money elsewhere.

My cosy room at the Bagt Koshgi Hotel and Wedding Palace in Ashgabat Turkmenistan

There are millions of hotels all over the world, so how do you know that you have booked the best possible option for your vacation? Don’t just settle for anything that comes your way, look out for these 4 things when choosing your stay to ensure that you have a restful, hassle-free stay that is memorable for all the right reasons.

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