5 Things You Should Know About Renting a Car in the UK

Driving in the UK offers locals and visitors a chance to enjoy the scenic surroundings within the entire country. Having a vehicle allows you to see the countryside or stay in the city. The best way to experience the various sites is by renting a car, which gives you a better chance to explore the vast nation at your own pace. Fortunately, many vehicle rental companies provide certified drivers with a wide array of vehicles that they can book for short or long periods. Majority of the companies allow customers to book rental cars online before or after they arrive in the UK.

5 Things You Should Know About Renting a Car in the UK

A few factors you should be aware of before shopping for a rental car in the UK include:


  • Age limitations


Car rental companies in the UK are only supported by Law to lease vehicles to individuals that are aged twenty- one and above. However, some companies restrict renting of cars to individuals that are twenty-five and surcharge drivers that are below that age. Apart from younger drivers, some companies also impose maximum age limits which varies from seventy to eight years old. In some cases, older drivers are required to get clearance from their doctor before renting a car.


  • Car insurance


When renting a car in the UK, you are required to have a Third Party Insurance Cover which offers protection to anyone that gets into an accident with you. The cover only takes care of damages on the rental car and is often part of the costs shared with drivers. However, it is still essential to confirm from the company on their vehicle insurance policy to avoid any disappointments.


  • Delivery and collection


Rental companies often require drivers to pick up the cars from their offices and drop it off at the agreed times. It is therefore essential to confirm the best times to pick up the car and return it to avoid additional charges. Even so, some car rental companies in the UK offer the service at no cost regardless of the pick up drop off locations for the benefit of their clients.


  • Type of car transmission


The standard transmission is the default for vehicles that are rented out to drivers in the UK. The cars are ideal for those that have experience driving them but may be a challenge to those that are used to an automatic transmission. Nevertheless, booking automatic transmission vehicles is also possible, but the cost of hiring them is much higher than their counterparts.


  • Left-hand drive


Vehicles in the UK are driven on the left-hand side, which can be confusing for those used to driving on the right side of the road. Ensure that you get familiar with the car and all its controls before leaving the rental office. Also when driving, allow yourself to adjust over time, and you will soon enjoy driving in London and other parts of the UK.

Overall, renting a car is much easier in the UK when you know what to expect, and the company you are hiring the vehicle from is experienced and reliable.

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