Advantages and Disadvantages in Flying with a Prestige Flight

Advantages and Disadvantages in Flying with a Prestige Flight

Some will call it prestige, some like to use the term first class, corporate or business class. Pretty much each and every airline has a variety of flight choices to pick from; whichever matches your budget and preference. Well, most airlines have business, economy, and first-class flights, which can be domestic or international. Regardless of what they call it, the most luxurious flight in your airline of choice will come with some perks. After all, that is why it is given the flashy name. Nonetheless, first-class flights have their own disadvantages as well.

Advantages of Flying Prestige

More Space = More Comfort

One of the distinct characteristics of first-class flights is that they are more spacious and comfortable. The pitch alone can be 80 inches or more, about thrice the space of an economy seat. This additional space and amenities make it even possible for you to work from the plane. Especially if you’re able to work remotely, you won’t have to wait a whole 3 or more flight hours to get off the so you can read your emails. In addition to the spacious atmosphere, the comfortable seats and serene environment allows you to reach your destination without feeling as if you were run over by a train.

  • Work from the plane if you like
  • Arrive less exhausted
  • Enjoy your personal space
  • Fly while you rest
jonny blair trieste flight

After a major rush to make my flight from Birmingham to Trieste in 2008, I fell asleep in my flight (thanks for the photo Graham!).

Meals and Beverages

Today’s airline industry is quite competitive, and the airline companies know it. Most airlines will have a variety of treats for their first class passengers, including free meals, snacks, and drinks. And nothing beats boredom in a long flight like frequent snacking and wine tosses every now and then. Before sipping those extra glasses of wine or cocktails, however, you will want to consider that alcohol can amplify dehydration and tiredness.

Better Service = Less Stress

Prestigious-class passengers also receive better services and special treatment. They’ll often get attended to faster in the airport through checkpoints and queues. Getting on the plane is as fast as getting off. In most airlines, first class flights also come with quite a number of discounts, especially if you’re a regular traveler with them or you use certain credit cards. You have less stress to worry about and better service to appreciate.

More Amenities

On certain top-class flights, you can ever sleep on the plane and get the quality of sleep similar to what you get at home or in a hotel room. How’s being supplied with pajamas for your nap time on a plane? First class features will vary from airline to airline but you generally get more amenities than anyone else for the extra cost. Some flights, such as Emirates flights even have fully enclosed suites with up to 40 square feet of space in the Boeing 777 that they call the game changer.

British Airways

Connections and Networking

If you’re a business traveler, a prestige flight can be more beneficial to you when it comes to networking. There’s always an opportunity to make new business friends and connections to build your network. While the same may be possible in ordinary flights, first-class flights will have more opportunities for you.

Disadvantages of Flying Prestige

Well, before booking that first class or prestige flight, it’s also important to think about the downsides. First and foremost, flying with a first class flight doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get to your destination earlier than the rest of the flyers in the plane. You will only get out of the plane first. Secondly, first-class flights are obviously higher priced than economy and business class flights. Considering the economic hardships of this age and day, you may want to reconsider flying prestige.


Based on the pointers above, the perks of prestigious flights obviously outweigh their drawbacks. Nevertheless, it’s mostly a matter of preference and budget. If you prefer to sacrifice some comfort and special treatment and save on your travel, an economy class flight could suffice for you. On the same note, if you prefer the convenience of working mid-air, traveling at comfort, and getting off the plane as fresh as you boarded, the writing is on the wall.  Prestige flying is a winner, but any option works provided you travel safe and you love it.

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