AN APOLOGY, an HONEST UPDATE and my CHARITY news!! Firstly, I come from an honest family. If I make a mistake in life, do something morally wrong or tell lies, I will always later admit my errors and apologise for them. In July 2016, I was lied to by a former travel friend. The lies lasted a few months. I kept waiting for an admission or an apology expecting any good moral person would say sorry. The apology never came. I got depressed and became suicidal. I quit working. I quit travelling. I quit eating. I saw psychologists and psychiatrists. I took medication. I then begged this person for their apology. For months. I expected they had morals like mine and could admit they were wrong and apologise. I begged for months. I wished them Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Birthday. Can you please just “say sorry”. Please, poprosze. The apology never came. That person was not strong enough to apologise to me and I now have to give up on begging. A friend of this person has accused me of abusing, bullying and stalking her. I didn’t mean any harm, of course I didn’t, I was only trying to get a deserved apology for lies. That was ALL. I have apologised MANY times to this person and her friend. I admitted my wrongs. I am sorry for begging for an apology that I assumed any moral human would give. I am truly sorry to these two people from my heart and mind. BUT everyday I am depressed and suicidal because she was the first person I met that can’t apologise for her mistakes. I know now that depression will kill me. Whether this weekend, whether suicide or a slow depressing death. I am sad that this liar has made my mind this way and made me quit the blog. The lack of apology has destroyed my business, my life, my story, my hopes, my dreams. It ruined me. This week, a person claiming to be my friend intervened and stuck their nose in, contacting MY friends (whether former or current, irrelevant) from MY journey and then took their side without even knowing what happened. They didn’t know the story, they didn’t have a clue. This girl lied and lied. It is wrong. Dishonesty is wrong. Again I am sorry but at least I am honest and speak my mind. If someone EVER asks you to apologise to them for a mistake you made, PLEASE PLEASE DO IT. You can save a mind and a life.

NOW – MY CHARITY – IF the personal apology ever comes from this person, I will not only donate a HUGE chunk of my earnings to Mental Health charity in Northern Ireland or Poland, but I will run a big campaign to raise awareness of dishonesty in business, mental health awareness (male AND female) and suicide prevention. Also, if I get the apology, I will be launching MY OWN NEW CHARITY. It will be called Apologise For Your Lies and aimed at helping compulsive liars and their victims resolve things in a peaceful way. Something good could still come of this. Finally – yes, ladies I am sorry for everything. #sorry #apology #honesty #forreal #mentalhealth #charity #suicideprevention #dishonestyatwork

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