Backpacking in Indonesia: Why Bali is so Popular Among Tourists?

Travelling Northern Irishman at the Puri Bali Hotel in Lovina

Backpacking in Indonesia: Why Bali is so Popular Among Tourists?

Nowadays, travelling has certainly become a great part of most people’s routine. Today, it is easy to choose an exotic destination, and look for excitement. But have you ever wondered why Bali is so popular among tourists? What is so special about this island? Probably, the huge diversity is what makes Bali appealing to every backpacker from the temple at Ulun Danu to the quirky city of Singaraja.

singaraja backpacking

Backpacking in Singaraja – football with the lads.

There is something for everyone, and the prices are reasonable. Turns out, the tropical island has a lot more to offer than you thought. If you are looking for adventures, interesting places to have fun, and amazing beaches, Bali might be the perfect destination. It starts to attract the attention of tourists at all ages. People from all over the world visit Bali to enjoy its beauty and get familiar with its remarkable culture. If you want to travel to Bali soon, check out these cheap flights from Singapore to Bali today.

indonesian surfer singaraja

The quirkiness of Singaraja – a surfer dude holding an Indonesia flag!

The spirit of the island

Tourists always strive to experience the positive spirit of Bali. The island is also known as the Island of the Gods, because it is multi-religious. Although it consists of Christian, Buddhist and Muslim minorities, the prevalent religion is Hinduism. The locals usually organize different ceremonies in order to push away the negativity. In fact, lots of diverse rituals, and festivals are being organized in Bali. They are very attractive for the visitors, because they want to witness the colorful parades, and have a more profound insight into the locals’ peaceful way of life.

singaraja locals

Meeting the locals in Singaraja in the beachside estate!

The climate

The climate in Bali is tropical, the temperatures are always hot, and this is what attracts the visitors in the first place. Everyone likes lying on the beach and enjoy such hot weather. The coastline in Bali seems endless, so there is a room for many tourists. The beaches in Bali are white sandy, and thoroughly fascinating. Despite the many tourists, there are beaches that remain untouched, and even more perfect. Besides, if you are a fan of surfboarding, the weather is awesome for it.

Climate in Bali

Places to visit

There are plenty of wonderful places you can visit, if you decide to explore the Island of the Gods. You just must make sure you have enough time so as not to miss anything.

Touring Bali in 2012 – at Ulun Danu.


You may find both luxury hotels and private villas available for booking. Generally, they offer breath-taking views and excellent facilities. Guests are always welcomed properly in the hotels. Even the private villas have helpful and friendly staff.

Jonny Blair stayed in the Puri Bali Hotel in Kalibukbuk Lovina

Our room in the Puri Bali hotel in Kalibukbuk! Pretty decent!

Restaurants and bars

The good thing is that you may find almost every cuisine in Bali. You can visit various fine dining restaurants and enjoy the food of world-famous chefs. Bali is a great choice for night life lovers. The island never sleeps, so you can finish your evenings in elite clubs, and make unforgettable memories.

Jonny Blair with Rodrigo Coelho partying in Kalibukbuk in Lovina Bali enjoying the travel lifestyle

Kalibukbuk in Lovina is great for drinking! Happy Hours and Pub Crawls!


When you go shopping in Bali, you will find ideal souvenirs, diverse hand-made products, and beautiful pareos. Arts and crafts are typical for the Balinese culture and the Balinese shops. You might be surprised, but Bali also has huge malls, where you can find well-known brands.

Bali has become so popular among tourists, because it offers diversity, natural beauty, and unique places for entertainment. If you want to explore the positive spirit of the locals, the charm of the Balinese culture, and the amazing tropical climate, you should not hesitate to visit Bali as soon as possible.

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