Backpacking in Romania: Touring Marginea Black Ceramics Factory

Backpacking in Romania: Touring Marginea Black Ceramics Factory

Backpacking in Romania: Touring Marginea Black Ceramics Factory

Seeing real life hard workers in action on my travels is something I like to do, away from the “Disneyland” experience of touring custom made attractions. Welcome to Southern Bucovina, which to no confusion or intention is in northern Romania. My train journey up was bliss, I loved my hostel the Dor de Bucovina hostel and I set about exploring the sights in this region. They are many and close between. While I’ve written about the salt mines of Cacica and the monastery at Moldovita, it’s time for a hard working factory vibe here as I headed to Marginea.

The town of Marginea in Bucovina, Romania: famous for black pottery.

The town of Marginea in Bucovina, Romania: famous for black pottery.

Where is Marginea?
It’s in the Southern Bucovina region. It’s in the region known as Southern Bucovina so it’s not too far from the Ukraine border. Marginea has a population of 8,552.

marginea road

The Road to Marginea.

Getting to Marginea
Tourism hasn’t taken off in Romania the way it should have done, which means getting to Marginea is not that easy. I’m just telling you how it is. The best way to do it realistically is to hire and car and drive there yourself. This is actually probably the best way to see Romania. However, I got a double train up to this region. I first got a train from Bucharest to Suceava, then a train to Campulung Moldovenesc (where I stayed in the Dor De Bucovina hostel). From there I actually went on a tour of some monasteries in the region which was organised for me. So if you are not driving, you can ask tour operators in Campulung Moldovenesc to add Marginea into your itinerary for the region. Please don’t miss it if you’re in the area.

Outside the Black Ceramics factory in Marginea.

Outside the Black Ceramics factory in Marginea.

What is there to see at the Black Ceramics Factory?
Basically I’ll split it into three main things:

1. Factory at Work, Real Life Marginea
You walk into the actual factory and watch the guys making the ceramics live there and then. This is the highlight and I’ll share my cool photos with you below.

P1160720 P1160721 P1160722 P1160724 P1160725 P1160726 P1160727 P1160728 P1160729 P1160730 P1160732

2. Souvenir Shop
As a light travelling backpacker, I opted for postcards only but the range of souvenirs here is vast for such a small unknown gem of a place. Of course the best thing to take home would be a pot or something made of black ceramic – much cheaper to buy it here direct from the factory. Here are some of the photos from the souvenir shop.

P1160741 P1160740 P1160739 P1160736 P1160737

3. Old Style Romanian Country House
Outside the main ceramics factory in front of the car park is an old style Romanian country house, and it’s painted black and white, with blue doors.

P1160747 P1160745

So that was over and out in at Marginea. It reminded me of the Silver Factory tour in Kota Gede Indonesia, as it was quick but entertaining and worth a trip.

A quick trip to the Black Ceramics Factory in Marginea.

A quick trip to the Black Ceramics Factory in Marginea.

With that hat-trick under your belt, you can head on out. There is no real need to stay overnight in Marginea though I’d imagine that would be fun! Here are my videos from Marginea:

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6 Responses to Backpacking in Romania: Touring Marginea Black Ceramics Factory

  1. Ray says:

    I was going to say this story reminds of the time you went to China to see where real “China” is made. Totally forgot about the Silver Factory tour in Indonesia! Anyways, it wasn’t clear to me in your post. Did you add this to your organized Monastery tours in Campulung Moldovenesc? Or did you rent a car for the day to drive here? Curious to know how much car rentals are in Romania and what the driving is like if that is what you did in this case.
    Ray recently posted…Lacrosse – Canada’s GameMy Profile

  2. Jonny Blair says:

    Hi Ray, Yes it was very similar except this is way less touristy – I was the only tourist they saw the entire month probably. Hiring a car would be a good idea though I was there on a day tour organised for me thanks to the staff at Pura Vida hostels as I was writing about them and doing some work with them. Safe travels. Jonny

  3. Guy Gardener says:

    That black pottery looks really nice! It always surprises me to see such nice coloring on things like that. When I was in my ceramics class, we made pottery. It could have turned out as good looking as we wanted, but the second we tried to paint it, that was the hardest part. Not that actually making it is easy by any means.

  4. Jonny Blair says:

    Hi Guy, thanks for the comment. Yes the black pottery is excellent – real experts here in this part of Romania. Safe travels. Jonny

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