Backpacking in Turkey: 5 Unmissable Attractions in Istanbul

Backpacking in Turkey: 5 Unmissable Attractions in Istanbul

If Turkey hasn’t already stolen your heart if you have visited their beautiful coastal resorts, it definitely will when you visit the stunning city of Istanbul. Remember that you can find a range of online casino slots at Cozino. Anyway, Istanbul is often described as the city where east meets west as the city straddles two continents, Europe and Asian and this is reflected strongly in its culture which you are sure to fall in love with. The city is vibrant and electric as it embraces both eastern and western culture and the eclectic mix makes for the perfect cultural get away, so be sure not to miss these top attractions on your trip: 

1.Aya Sofya  

Built in circa 537AD on the brink of the start of the Middle Ages, and also known as Hagia Sofia, this mesmerising museum has a rich and intriguing history as it was a previous Greek Orthodox Christian patriarchal basilica which was then converted into an Ottoman imperial mosque. The museum has been in operation since 1935 and now stands as an impressive structure and surpasses expectation in the flesh with its extraordinarily beautiful famous dome.  

2.Galata Tower 

If you are a lover of night life and gobsmacking views, you need to pay the Galata Tower a visit as the nine-storey tower offers stunning views of the cityscape as well as housing not only café and restaurants but also a nightclub. You will find the tower just north of the Golden Horn which is situated in the Galata Quarter. 

3.Blue Mosque 

The Blue Mosque is definitely not to be missed as it has stunning interiors. As it is still a functioning mosque, you will have to keep this in mind when visiting and dress appropriately for your visit, with men wearing long pants and women covering their heads and shoulders as per the Muslim practice. The mosque gets its name because of the mesmerising blue tiles that make up the mosques interior. 

Backpacking in Turkey: 5 Unmissable Attractions in Istanbul

4.The Grand Bazaar 

A shopping experience like none you will have ever experienced in the Grand Bazaar which has over 5000 stores to explore spread of 60 exciting streets. Saunter through the streets and find everything from jewellery to slippers. Leanne from Cozino and lover of exotic trinkets says “I spent the entire day there and weaved through the labyrinth like bazaar visiting the shops and cafes. An unrivalled shopping experience!” 

Backpacking in Turkey: 5 Unmissable Attractions in Istanbul

5.Istiklal Avenue 

This picturesque avenue attracts over 3million people every day, so if that’s not enough to convince you, the street is home to many attractions including quirky cafes, cinemas and nightlife. There are also cafes you can try some of the most mouth-watering Turkish Delight, so it’s certainly not a street to be missed. The street is about 1.4km long but if you don’t feel like walking you could always hop on the tram which will take you all the way to Taskin Square and see the city in historic style. You can’t miss the trams as they are bright red, flying the colours of Turkey with pride.  

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