Can a Positive Mindset Beat Cancer?

Cancer remains the leading cause of death among Americans in 2020. From stomach cancer to mesothelioma, the ability to cure cancer is still out of reach. However, great strides are continually being made.

We can see this with diseases like mesothelioma. Right now, people are overcoming the odds and beating mesothelioma. They are living for years beyond their prognoses and enjoying comfortable lifestyles.

Can a Positive Mindset Beat Cancer?

But how much impact can a positive mindset have on beating cancer?

How Paul Kraus Conquered Mesothelioma

Paul Kraus is one of the leading success stories in cancer treatment. He has lived with this incurable form of cancer for more than twenty years.

It’s no miracle. Paul took a big interest in his treatment, including holistic alternatives that could help him along with his treatment journey.

One such area Paul focused on was the role of a positive mindset. He did this by surrounding himself with family, engaging in yoga, and practicing meditation. Over time, he managed to overcome the darkest parts of his treatment and avoid succumbing to despair.

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Why a Positive Mindset Helps in the Fight Against Cancer

You may be wondering how a healthy mind helps to defeat mesothelioma and other cancers. Mesothelioma is cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. It mainly afflicts the intestines and the lining of the lungs.

Despite being one of the most aggressive cancers around, it’s possible to survive. A positive mindset prevents the onset of mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety.

Studies have shown that mental health issues can reduce the body’s ability to fight off diseases. There’s a direct but little-understood connection between mental health and the immune system.

How a Positive Mindset Influences the Body Physically

Yoga and meditation are just two ways in which cancer survivors like Paul Kraus have managed to maintain a positive mindset throughout their treatments.

Nobody is claiming that a positive mindset alone will cure cancer. However, it can help you to better cope with your treatment.

One study from the University of Utah revealed that regular practitioners of yoga have a much higher pain tolerance than those who don’t.

Since most cancer treatments involve chemotherapy and radiation therapy, pain is one of the most common complaints patients have. Yoga and a positive mindset could enable patients to better cope with the side effects of treatment.

Last Word – Why More Doctors Should Consider the Impact of a Positive Mindset

Paul Kraus has been instrumental in forcing healthcare providers to consider alternative medical treatments for cancer sufferers.

Early studies have demonstrated that these alternative treatments, such as training to develop a positive mindset, can have incredible effects on patients. At the very least, such treatments can make the often-painful treatment process more bearable. Plus, having a positive mindset allows cancer sufferers to keep hope they will beat the odds.

Do you believe a positive mindset plays a role in treating cancer?

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