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Backpacking in Botswana: Top 5 Things to Do in Gaborone

Posted By Jonny Blair on 11 Comments

Most travellers and backpackers heading to Botswana are there to see zebras. Yes, the zebra may be Botswana’s national symbol and the safari tours are cool. But away from the famous Okavango Delta and the deserts of Botswana, sits a …

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World Borders: How to Get From Botswana to South Africa (Tlokweng to Kopfontein)

Posted By Jonny Blair on Leave a comment

In my ongoing world borders series, I give you the best and easiest ways to cross borders all over the world, all from my personal travel experiences. The border crossing from Botswana to South Africa is a fairly straight forward …

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Thirsty Thursdays: A Night Out in Gaborone, Botswana

Posted By Jonny Blair on 5 Comments

I thought I’d write about one of my nights out in Gaborone in Botswana today as it was a really great travel memory. Having arrived at the border into Botswana from South Africa at Tlokweng, my bus took me onwards …

Jonny Blair at Tlokweng Botswana

World Borders: How to get to Botswana from South Africa

Posted By Jonny Blair on 5 Comments

In my ongoing series about world borders, I aim to make it sound easy for you to venture across one border and into a new country. This post deals with getting to Botswana from South Africa. I make it sound …

Top 5 Scenic Bus Journeys

Posted By Jonny Blair on 2 Comments

As a traveller, long distance buses become a way of life and part of the travel routine. I personally love them – a great way to sit back, relax and let someone else drive you to your destination. Almost every …

Downtown Gaborone, Botswana: A Shy and Quiet Capital City

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You could be forgiven for forgetting you were in a capital city while staying in Gaborone. That’s exactly the shy and quiet charm of the Botswanese capital. Gaoborone’s centre piece is a street called The Mall. It’s the city centre, …

Waiting For Grace At Park Station: Gaborone to Johannesburg

Waiting For Grace At Park Station: Gaborone to Johannesburg

Posted By Jonny Blair on 3 Comments

Cramming so many things into my adventures means I often cut things short, without wanting to. I had to say farewell to Botswana on my third day. I had basically only decided to go there as I was staying in …

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Backpacking in South Africa: Pretoria to Tlokweng Via Groot Marico

Posted By Jonny Blair on 1 Comment

A mid-day sun was shyly beaming through the clouds as I left the city of Pretoria behind. I arrived at Pretoria’s Main Railway Station by taxi for about 40 Rand from my hostel in Sunnyside. From Pretoria I had booked …

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