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Couchsurfing in Tunisia: Staying with Ayoub in Olympic City, Tunis

Posted By Jonny Blair on 4 Comments

People constantly ask me if I have ever tried “Couchsurfing” and my answer is always “Yes I have slept on many couches” but if you mean the official website, my answer is a resounding “No”, well in the official sense. …

Backpacking in Tunisia: Top 11 Sights in Carthage

Posted By Jonny Blair on 1 Comment

It was a really busy time on my adventure backpacking through the north of Tunisia, celebrating my 100th country and honestly – not having a single moment’s rest. It seemed like I should’ve just spent a week sitting on a …

Backpacking Centurion: 100th Country and a Great Night Out in Tunis, Tunisia

Posted By Jonny Blair on 23 Comments

So the time finally arrived. I boarded my flight in Rome after touring the Vatican City State and a couple of nights in the Hotel Papa Germano and within an hour and ten minutes I had become a backpacking centurion. …

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