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you wont find a polar bear in antarctica

10 Things You WON’T find in Antarctica

Posted By Jonny Blair on 4 Comments

I mention Antarctica quite a lot on here, mostly because it’s by far the most incredible place I have ever been. I loved the peace and tranquility of it, the fact there are no offices, no murders etc. So here …

How to get to Antarctica for cheap

How To Book A Cheap Trip to Antarctica!

Posted By Jonny Blair on 65 Comments

This post has been a while in coming believe me and I’m about to reveal the cheapest way for a traveller or a backpacker to get to Antarctica without working on a ship or working in Antarctica. This is how to book …

Crossing the Drake Passage to Antarctica

World Borders: Crossing The Drake Passage from Argentina to Antarctica

Posted By Jonny Blair on 9 Comments

This latest post in my series of World Borders is WITHOUT doubt the best border I have crossed in my travel repertoire. It is the longest ever border crossing I have done between two countries (yes, MUCH longer than flights), …

drinking beer in Antarctica

Thirsty Thursdays: Drinking in Antarctica – Top 6 Places For a Beer

Posted By Jonny Blair on 6 Comments

I was thinking about my Antarctica trip recently, and how I managed to drink in 4 different places on the trip (OK I’m cheating as three of them were onboard the boat!!!). But I thought I’d give all you Antarctic …

The Day I…Got Naked in Antarctica!! (X-Rated)

Posted By Jonny Blair on 15 Comments

I have been asked a few times “What is your most crazy or outrageous travel story?” and to be honest there are a few contenders, however being naked in the waters of Antarctica has to be pretty nuts, right? So …

backpacking in antarctica

How to Backpack Your Way to Antarctica!

Posted By Jonny Blair on 15 Comments

Backpacking your way to Antarctica?? Are you serious? Yes! Antarctica is without doubt the most amazing place I have travelled to, to date. It really is like another world and anyone who has been there will agree with me. It’s …

5 Amazing Tranquil Islands!

Posted By Jonny Blair on 2 Comments

I was thinking about all the islands I’ve visited and trying to narrow it down to the best ones, but I just couldn’t so I’ll compile a few different lists to sum them up in categories. First of all these …

Antarctica Checklist: What To Take Part 3 – Food and Drink

Posted By Jonny Blair on Leave a comment

So you’re heading to Antarctica and you want to know what food and drink to take to survive in the world’s coldest continent? Well for a start, trips to Antarctica don’t come cheap so you’re likely to get all meals …

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