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breakfast yangon myanmar

Friday’s Featured Food: Breakfast in Yangon, Bagan and Mandalay, Myanmar

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Here’s a direct honesty for you today on Friday’s Featured Food – food in Myanmar is bland, going on abysmal. I’m not a big fan and I feel it a duty to tell you just how untasty and innutritious the …

tea leaf salad myanmar

Friday’s Featured Food: Tea Leaf Salad in Amarapura, Myanmar (Lahpet Thohk)

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Today on Friday’s Featured Food we’re off to Myanmar for one of their special dishes. While backpacking there recently it would have been ridiculous not to try a “tea leaf salad”, known locally as Lahpet Thohk. This is very much …

Pink and White Elephants in Yangon, Myanmar

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Yangon is full of surprises and I’ll name check my Swiss travel buddy Michael (who I met on the Yangon Circle Line train) for this little welcome diversion which saw us visit firstly the Marble Buddha and secondly three pink …

marble buddha yangon

Visiting the Marble Buddha in Yangon, Myanmar

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Yangon is full of Buddhas, Pagodas and Temples and that can make it difficult to pick which ones you want to visit. I visited the Shwe Dagon Pagoda and for a Buddha, I headed to the Marble Buddha in Yangon, …

My Next FIVE Travel Destinations Planned!!

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While my blog is normally informative and retrospective, sometimes I’m writing so much that I’m not always in the “here and now”. Well this post will clear things up about where I am right now, where I’m heading next and …