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Fujian Tour Part 2: Tian Luo Keng Tulou Cluster

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After going inside our first Earthen Building of the Fujian Tour, our driver dropped us off for a few minutes to capture the small settlement of Tian Luo Keng. We had two stops in total for Tian Luo Keng, the …

Fujian Tour Part 1 – Yuchang Earthen Building, Xiaban Village *

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Our tour of traditional Fujian Earthen style buildings started properly at the Yuchang Earthen Building. Although we had already checked into our hostel for the night – a cosy wee room in Qing De Lou building in Taxia Village nearby. …

Chinese Trains: Shenzhen to Yongding Night Train (Guangdong to Fujian Province)

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  The joys of night trains continues. I love them. This one was organised by my girlfriend Panny as we planned a weekend in China in March this year. We arrived in Shenzhen after crossing the border into China from …

Hong Kong To China Border: Sheung Shui, Lo Wu and Shenzhen

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The three places that this report will be based on are Sheung Shui, Lo Wu and Shenzhen. All three of which are basically the border between Hong Kong and China. A busy border, and of course the closest border to …

Millwall Neil and Jonny Blair partying in Seoul

Thirsty Thursdays: Korean Barbecue and 3 Country Day Long Pub Crawl

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First night in South Korea was going to be special no matter what. I was reunited with Millwall Neil and ready to enjoy another adventure, in yet another new country…turned into a three country long all day pub crawl, in …

Lama Temple, Beijing…em Buddhism (July 2007)

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With the Olympics in Beijing coming up this week, and with a lot of talk over whether this communist enclave has the necessary facilities and requirements to host such a tournament, I thought I could recollect on my visit to …

Foreigner in Beijing, People’s Republic of China

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All those days of living in Northern Ireland and trying “a chinky” (local slang for Chinese food and a tad derogatory if truth be told, I’m using it tongue in cheek here by the way) of a Friday night had …

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