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lok ma chau

World Borders: How to Get from Lok Ma Chau to Shenzhen (Hong Kong to China Border)

Posted By Jonny Blair on 6 Comments

I’ve crossed the Hong Kong – Macao – China borders over 20 times now, and have already covered a few of those crossing on here. I aim to make these border crossings seem easy and smooth, which they normally are. …

likeng china

Thirsty Thursdays: Drinking Tea in Little Likeng, Jiangxi Province, China

Posted By Jonny Blair on 2 Comments

Little Likeng is a dreamy little ancient Chinese Village. Situated in a province that is not often visited by foreign backpacker s(Jiangxi), this gem of a place takes you to the China you really want to see. No skyscrapers, no …

upper trail hike

The Upper Trail Hike – Day 2 – Yunnan Province, China

Posted By Jonny Blair on 2 Comments

I must apologise for the lateness of this post. This is the second part of my two part guide to hiking on the Upper Trail Hike in China’s Yunnan Province in and around Tiger Leaping Gorge. To refresh your memory …

zhuhai to macau

World Borders: How to Get From China to Macau (Gongbei Port to Portas do Cerco)

Posted By Jonny Blair on 5 Comments

If you thought my world borders series has been quiet lately (except for the North Korea trip) then that’s because I’ve been busy crossing a load of world borders of my own recently, yet no time to type them up. …

free TEFLs in China

FREE TEFLs!! Get Your Free Certificate and Teach English in China!!

Posted By Jonny Blair on Leave a comment

Yes that’s right I’m offering FREE TEFLs today on Don’t Stop Living. You can get a FREE TEFL and start a new life and a new career in teaching English in China. It’s all organised through the FREE TEFL service. …

master of the nets suzhou china

Master of The Nets Garden, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China

Posted By Jonny Blair on 4 Comments

The city of Suzhou in China’s Jiangsu Province is famous for being labelled “The Venice of the East” and while its canals and riverside promenades attract some attention, there is something else that Suzhou boasts: a UNESCO World Heritage Site. …

pyongyang north korea

World Borders: Flying from Beijing to Pyongyang, North Korea

Posted By Jonny Blair on 6 Comments

For the first time ever on my world borders series, I’m writing about a flight. Probably the reason for this is that it was a hotly anticipated trip for me, and one which quite frankly, I’m not sure why it …

chefs at peking duck restaurant

Friday’s Featured Food: Peking Duck at QuanJude Restaurant, Beijing, China

Posted By Jonny Blair on 4 Comments

While Beijing will never be my favourite city in China, it does hold a few saving graces. Tiananmen Square is a great place to relax, Beijing is the gateway to the Trans Siberian Railway and also for our recent trip …

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