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jonny blair top irish pubs around the world

Thirsty Thursdays: 5 Best Irish Pubs From My Travels

Posted By Jonny Blair on 5 Comments

It’s a post I was meant to write about 2 years ago to be honest, but never got round to it. In the hope I’d find better Irish Pubs than these 5. But I haven’t so the list remains the …

arrival in ethiopia

Back in Africa: Hong Kong to Addis Ababa to Kilimanjaro

Posted By Jonny Blair on 3 Comments

If you read Don’t Stop Living in its early days, I used to just write about exactly what I was doing, and in some kind of logical order with no frills. And despite my more recent posts on tips, advice …

getting a Myanmar visa in Hong Kong

How to get a Myanmar Visa in Hong Kong

Posted By Jonny Blair on 11 Comments

I’m heading to Myanmar (Burma) tomorrow and in a rush I needed to get my visa on Thursday this week (a few days ago). Living, working and backpacking in Asia means I normally get my visas in either Hong Kong …

vietnamese visa in hong kong

How to Get A Vietnam Visa in Hong Kong

Posted By Jonny Blair on 6 Comments

In 2012 I finally had my first trip to Vietnam. Rather than get an online visa on arrival (which is something you can now do), I prefer to get visas myself from the Embassies. Being nomadic all the time means …

graduation picnic

Working Wednesdays: K3 Graduation Picnic and Day of Sightseeing on Hong Kong Island

Posted By Jonny Blair on 2 Comments

Today’s Working Wednesdays is as recent as a “WW” on Don’t Stop Living has ever been, as it happened last week on Friday 21st June 2013. Having been based in Hong Kong for the last two years or so of …

st. patrick's school po kong

Working Wednesdays: Working in St. Patrick’s Catholic School, Po Kong Village, Hong Kong

Posted By Jonny Blair on 1 Comment

It’s time for yet another installment of Working Wednesdays. I’m not shy of admitting my background on here, or to anyone I meet on my travels. I’m Northern Irish. I’m also British and I’m also Irish and these days I …

duck in tsim sha tsui hong kong

What the Duck??? A Massive Floating Duck in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Posted By Jonny Blair on 2 Comments

Random travel moments spring up extra surprises, and I love them especially when there is a FREE attraction to see. What the duck was I doing walking around the seafront in Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong? Was I quackers? …

star ferry hong kong tsim sha tsui

The Best Value Boat Cruise in the World: 20 cents for the Star Ferry, Tsim Sha Tsui to Central, Hong Kong

Posted By Jonny Blair on Leave a comment

I love boats and I always like the freedom of being at sea. I’ve worked on ferries and I’ve spent countless days at sea, completely loving it. I even went to Antarctica on a boat back in 2010. But the …

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