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Backpacking in Hong Kong: Visiting Ocean Park, Hong Kong Island

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Ocean Park then. Written in English, spoken in English and known to the world in English. Yet this famous theme park lies on the south side of Hong Kong Island in Hong Kong without a hint of Chinese writing in …

Backpacking in Hong Kong: Top 5 Sights in Kwun Tong

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Kwun Tong is an old part of Hong Kong based on the Kowloon side. It is currently being redeveloped and is Chinese to the core. It is on the Kwun Tong (green) MTR line which stretches south west to Yau …

My Family Don’t Seem So Familiar: 2 Years Apart and Hong Kong Reunion

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As you get older and life changes you find you see your family less and less, unless of course you have a wife and kids of your own, which I don’t. I emigrated from the UK finally in 2009. That …

“The Last Plane Out of Sydney’s Almost Gone, And In Seven Flying Hours I’ll Be Landing in Hong Kong” *

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The above quote, the headline, the lyric and the song was something which I first discovered on arrival in Australia, “the land down under” back in October 2009. Seems a lifetime ago now. The lyric comes from the Jimmy Barnes/Cold …

“and you know what it means to me babe…” – My jaded Hong Kong princess

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It’s possible that this blog is often pieced together at random intervals without showing a flowing indication of my life, so this post will hopefully show the current beliefs.  And is dedicated to the forlorn, special and worldly Yu Pan …

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