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DMZ Tour Part 11: Heading Back To Seoul

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After the busy day on the DMZ Tour where we crammed a lot in and totally enjoyed ourselves, it was time to hand in our badges at the JSA and board our bus back to Seoul where we were staying …

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DMZ Tour Part 10: The Bits We Missed And My Fascination For North Korea

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** STOP PRESS ** since this article I’ve been properly to North Korea, including a visit to Kaesong and the North part of the DMZ. You can get a cool 5% off through my website too when you book with …

Friday’s Featured Food: Bosintang (Dog Meat Soup) in Seoul, South Korea

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I remember back in 2007 on my first visit to China how I tried to avoid eating dog and was actually   a bit worried about it, in case it was sneaked into some random dish I ordered. However, having …

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DMZ Tour Part 9: Flag at Half Mast, North Korea

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Having just stepped across the border into North Korea as casual as you like, it was time for a rare sight. Something that you won’t see often in your lifetime. The third highest national flag on a single flag pole …

DMZ Tour Part 8: Stepping Into North Korea at Panmunjom

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On a cold afternoon with a clear sky ahead and a beating down sun, Panny Yu and I stepped nonchalantly across the border from South Korea into North Korea. Or, as it should be officially from the Republic of Korea …

DMZ Tour Part 7: Camp Bonifas, The JSA and Crazy Golf

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After lunch somewhere in the DMZ, we changed buses, and our new bus was heading to Camp Bonifas and into the JSA – Joint Security Area. Don’t worry if all these acronyms and constant place names confuse you, they sure …

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DMZ Tour Part 6: Lunch in the DMZ

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Lunch in the DMZ was next up on the agenda. We ate at a tiny wee roadside restaurant near Imjingak, just south of the actual North Korea border. The countryside was immense and on Christmas Eve, a land covered in …

DMZ Tour Part 5: Imjingak

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After Dorasan Station, it was time to visit an area known as Imjingak, a settlement right by “Freedom Bridge”, a bridge which links North Korea to South Korea (basically), but is not in use. We crossed the Imjin river on …

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