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DMZ Tour Part 4: Dorasan Station – “Next Train To Pyongyang, Please!”

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With the sun beating down to hide a false temperature in the South Korean snow, we were heading on the road to Pyongyang, North Korea, just near Dorasan Station. An unfamiliar eerie-ness accompanied the trip to Dorasan, from Paju. The …

DMZ Tour Part 3: The Third Tunnel

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At Paju, Panny and I were able to go into the third tunnel. This “work of art” was allegedly built by the North Koreans to gain a secret access and gateway into South Korea, one of many that have been …

DMZ Tour Part 2: Paju

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Apart from the fact that “Paju” is a city of apparently 375,000, I sensed it’s real purpose could be as a northern protection point for Seoul in case of any attempted invasion or attack from North Korea. However, the city …

DMZ Tour Part 1: Leaving My Seoul For Paju

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Christmas Eve has always been a special day for me, as Christmas is a time for family, fun and not working. Especially in Christian countries. From playing Lego at home in Bangor (Northern Ireland), to having our annual family party …

Millwall Neil and Jonny Blair partying in Seoul

Thirsty Thursdays: Korean Barbecue and 3 Country Day Long Pub Crawl

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First night in South Korea was going to be special no matter what. I was reunited with Millwall Neil and ready to enjoy another adventure, in yet another new country…turned into a three country long all day pub crawl, in …

God Give Me Seoul In Your Rock’n’Roll Babe!

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Arrival in South Korea’s Seoul was another of life’s journeys that you have no reason why you take. My 6013 Airport Limosine (which by the way is merely a an elaborate name for a bus) strolled its way through darkness …

Arrival into South Korea: Inching Into Incheon

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My Christmas trip of 2011 began properly when I touched down in Incheon. It was first time in South Korea. I’m one for milestones and in some records this was my 60th country, in others it was my 58th (or …

World Borders: Panmunjom – Crossing The Border Into North Korea

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To say you have been to North Korea is one thing. To say you simply did it with ease in a blue hut accompanied by a tour group and some members of the army stationed in the JSA (Joint Security …

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