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soroche jonny blair

Tuesday’s Travel Problems: How to deal with Soroche (Altitude Sickness)

Posted By Jonny Blair on 2 Comments

Today on my ongoing series of Tuesday’s Travel Problems, I look at altitude sickness and the best ways to avoid it, deal with it and get through it. Altitude sickness is also known as soroche. It is common of course …

jonny blair top irish pubs around the world

Thirsty Thursdays: 5 Best Irish Pubs From My Travels

Posted By Jonny Blair on 5 Comments

It’s a post I was meant to write about 2 years ago to be honest, but never got round to it. In the hope I’d find better Irish Pubs than these 5. But I haven’t so the list remains the …

Friday’s Featured Food: Failing To Finish The World’s Hottest Curry in La Paz, Bolivia

Posted By Jonny Blair on 2 Comments

So we don’t always succeed in life and here was a lesson that although I love spicy food, I simply don’t have a big appetite and therefore didn’t get my free t-shirt, in this instance. Friday’s Featured Food takes us …

swimming in bolivia salar de uyuni tour

Salar De Uyuni Tour Part 15 – Hot Springs (Termas De Polques) at Dawn

Posted By Jonny Blair on 4 Comments

Onto Part 15 of the Salar De Uyuni tour in Bolivia…The rocky terrain continued as the sun rose over south western Bolivia and I had perked up a bit. I still don’t know if it was altitude sickness or just …

eating pique a lo macho potosi bolivia

Friday’s Featured Food: Pique A Lo Macho, Potosi, Bolivia

Posted By Jonny Blair on 4 Comments

Today we’re back in Bolivia with their superb dish known as “Pique a lo macho”. I had never heard of it until I stepped foot in Bolivia. But having had it a few times in the country I loved it, …

Desaguadero Bolivia Peru border control Don't Stop Living

World Borders: How to get from Bolivia to Peru (at Desaguadero)

Posted By Jonny Blair on 5 Comments

In my series on World Borders, I report on my trips across many of the borders on this planet. This time it’s a relatively unusual one, as the name of the town, Desaguadero officially sits in both the countries Bolivia …

Streets of La Paz Bolivia

Backpacking in Bolivia: My Top 5 Things to do in La Paz

Posted By Jonny Blair on 10 Comments

My trip to La Paz in Bolivia ranks highly (pun intended) when it comes to thinking about the most inspiring cities I’ve been to. La Paz is the world’s highest capital city, and therefore is also the capital of Bolivia. …

Bolivian Mocochinchi in La Paz markets

Thirsty Thursdays: Drinking Mocochinchi in Bolivia at the Markets in La Paz

Posted By Jonny Blair on 1 Comment

I had never heard of Mocochinchi before arriving in Bolivia in 2010. In fact, it was only my curiosity while walking round the streets of La Paz that I decided I had to buy one and try it. In the …

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