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Backpacking in Australia: Top 5 Sights in Canberra

Posted By Jonny Blair on 2 Comments

As the six year mark on my last few days in Australia hit home this week, it is time to reflect on one of my favourite cities in Australia – the capital city itself. Canberra. Aside from my time exploring …

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Monday’s Money Saving Tips: FREE Museums

Posted By Jonny Blair on 4 Comments

Never underestimate the amount of FREE sightseeing you can do. Did you know that there are FREE museums all over the place, you just need to do your research beforehand. I used to go to museums a lot more than …

Backpacking in Australia: Canberra in a Nutshell

Posted By Jonny Blair on 1 Comment

Canberra – Proud Capital City of Australia. So what was it like? In a word, inspiring. In lots of words – what you’re about to read. It would have been fairly dumb to leave the city of Canberra out of …

Backpacking in Australia: Watching Karisma Katz Live At Eucalypt Lawn, Canberra

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Nobody turns down a free concert do they? Well, I don’t. Though on this occasion, I almost did. My mate Neil has a knack of spotting random things happening nearby. He reads newspapers and magazines and keeps up to date …

Backpacking in Australia: Visiting Canberra’s Carillon

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What is a Carillon? I’m not really sure and I’m not going to look it up in a dictionary, and the first time I’d heard that word was January 2010, while in Canberra, Australia’s under-rated and often over-looked capital. Sitting …

Australian Art Gallery National Museum Canberra

Australian National Museum, Art Gallery and Bonsai Garden

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There are so many FREE things to do in Canberra I was finding it hard to believe. On the north side of the city, where the Parliament lies, beyond lake Burley Griffin, there are all the National Buildings of Australia. …

A Random Barbecue In Aranda *

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The barbecue in Aranda proved to be another random and special night. Aranda is a suburb or area in Canberra. Canberra is a big city, taking up a large area, but everything seems so far apart. The area of Aranda …

Backpacking in Australia: Visiting the Australian War Memorial in Canberra

Posted By Jonny Blair on 1 Comment

You hear talk about it when you’re in Australia. People that hear you’ve been to Canberra will say “oh, did you go to the war memorial?”, so you’ve kind of got to go there, just so you can give a …

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