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Backpacking in Hebron: H2, The Israeli Side

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While backpacking in the Middle East, I made sure I headed to some insightful places to help understand the history and politics of this divided region of the world. After reporting on my tour of the Palestinian side of Hebron, …

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Backpacking in Hebron: H1 Palestinian Side

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I grew up on the streets of Northern Ireland back in the 1980s, which means that cultural, political, religious and geographical divides have always been a part of my life. Whether I’ve wanted them to be or not. As my …

World Borders: How to Get from Jerusalem to Bethlehem (Israel to Palestine)

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Things have calmed down slightly in terms of this border crossing. Yes the massive separation walls are as blatant as a Jewish penis at an orgy, but crossing the border doesn’t have the same stigma attached to it as it …

Backpacking in Ramallah, Palestine: 5 Things to See and Do in the Palestinian Capital City

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Ramallah sits proud and un-noticed. In reality, it’s the capital city of Palestine. Whether you believe that Palestine is a country or not, isn’t the point. Ramallah remains a Palestinian stronghold, nestled shyly north of the border between Israel and …

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Visiting Yasser Arafat’s Tomb in Ramallah, Palestine

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The power of world leaders and political figures is something you get used to as a global backpacker. While I’m not often the best person to ask about world affairs, I have studied politics and I grew up in Northern …

O Little Town of Bethlehem, Palestine: 10 Things to See and Do

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Bethlehem is a town you’ll have heard of. I’m sure of it. Yet you might not know that Bethlehem is in Palestine. Yes, there are no Jewish people here, it’s not in Israel and Israelis are not officially allowed into …

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Touring H1 and H2 both the Israeli and Palestinian Controlled Parts of Hebron, Palestine

Posted By Jonny Blair on 6 Comments

I loved touring Palestine and Israel a few months back and having been interested in the political situation there for a long time, I headed to the city of Hebron. Hebron has for many years been a “flashpoint area” in …

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Thirsty Thursdays: Taybeh Oktoberfest in Ramallah, Palestine

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While a recent Thirsty Thursdays was about the first time I ever tried Palestinian beer (in Bethlehem), this week it’s all about the Taybeh Oktoberfest in Ramallah in Palestine. That’s right I ended up going to a beer festival in …

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