dubai airport

Three Countries I Haven’t Really Been To!

While I do keep a count on continents, countries, towns and cities I have actually been to, there are a few places that I admit I have physically been to but know nothing about. So here are three countries for you that I haven’t really been to. While physically I’ve been “in” these countries, most Read more about Three Countries I Haven’t Really Been To![…]

The Mediterranean Sea in Europe - cleaner than Asian waters

Childhood Flashback! European Summer Holidays

I always feel I neglect to look back on those amazing European Summer Holidays I enjoyed as a child. OK, so I’m talking about the typical Summer Holidays you hear about – beaches, swimming pools, junk food, ice creams and relaxation. Recently while relaxing with my parents on a trip to Sri Lanka, I thought Read more about Childhood Flashback! European Summer Holidays[…]

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