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Road Tripping Through Belgium

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We left Hannover mid afternoon for a road trip through the rest of the Western Side of Germany, the short mid-trip through ‘The Kingdom of Belgium’ and a wee trip to Campeigne, north of Paris in France. It all began …

Backpacking in Germany: Grune Weiss Army, Bremen

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Being a member of Northern Ireland’s Green and White Army, I felt the need to check out Bremen’s own ‘Grune Weiss’ Army – Werder Bremen. So, while backpacking in Germany, as Bremen was a convenient and easy train stop for me …

Backpacking in Germany: So are Hamburgers from here or not?

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My reason for visiting Hamburg was not really to find out if the word Hamburger actually started there, although it did intrigue me, it was just a nice Northerly German city, and only a 2 hour trip from my base …

Backpacking in Germany: Osterweddingen!!

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Youve got to love the name of this little village – Osterweddingen, a bizarre and picturesque little ‘Groomsport-esque habitat’ in the middle of Germany. Well actually, close to Magdeberg in the former East side again. I spent two days there …

Jonny Blair at Die Grune Zitadelle, Magdeberg, Germany

Backpacking in Germany: Die Grune Zitadelle, Hundertwasser, Magdeburg

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Having spent two days in Hannover, I then visited Magdeburg, a massive city in the former East Germany. Magdeberg is quite peaceful and beautiful, and there is no way I would have known it was part of the former East …

Backpacking in Germany: Hangovers in Hannover

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When I arrived in Hannover, Germany (following a fantastic train journey from Leipzig), my mate Rene was waiting there to meet me, which was class, seeing as I hadn’t had a phone for 6 weeks or seen Rene for 2 …

Inter Railing in Europe: Czech Republic to Former Communist East Germany

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I caught a train from Prague’s Kolesovice station and the final destination was Hannover in Germany (part of the former West Germany), therefore it was a 9 hour journey and I would need to change twice, which I was really …

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