5 Islands I Want To Visit

You might have read about my top 5 tranquil islands before and how the Maldives is one of my dream destinations, but here are my top 5 islands that I’d love to visit. Some are countries in their own right, others merely islands – it’s not all about sand and sun though – hiking, wildlife, Read more about 5 Islands I Want To Visit[…]

The Mediterranean Sea in Europe - cleaner than Asian waters

Childhood Flashback! European Summer Holidays

I always feel I neglect to look back on those amazing European Summer Holidays I enjoyed as a child. OK, so I’m talking about the typical Summer Holidays you hear about – beaches, swimming pools, junk food, ice creams and relaxation. Recently while relaxing with my parents on a trip to Sri Lanka, I thought Read more about Childhood Flashback! European Summer Holidays[…]

Is this the way to Afandou? (Why don’t you travel with me?)

Totally unrelated and in no way meant to be to the tune of ‘Is this the way to Amarillo?’ My Dad actually wrote that wee song when we travelled to the Greek island of Rhodes in 1990. Life will take us here, there and everywhere. Every day and every time we meet someone new it Read more about Is this the way to Afandou? (Why don’t you travel with me?)[…]

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