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top 5 European cities Belfast

Top 5 Cities I Miss From Europe!

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I often get asked about Europe and why I haven’t written much about my own continent for a while. The real answer is that all my travels in Europe were 2003 – 2009. In the last 4 years I’ve had …

The Nagytemplom in Debrecen Hungary

Backpacking in Hungary: Top 5 Sights in Debrecen

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Debrecen is Hungary’s second biggest city but you wouldn’t quite know it – it’s hardly colossal, nor is it instantly mind blowing. It’s shy and peaceful and Hungarian to the core. However, I liked it. Why life ever took me …

Top 5 Cities For Night Views

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I was browsing in a camera shop tonight and got thinking about taking photos at night. I suddenly realised that of all the outdoor photos I have uploaded on here, about 95% of them are daytime! So here’s 5 of …

Jo napot from Hungary!

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Some belated photos from Hungary – I visited Szolnok, Debrecen and Budapest. One of the nicest countries I have ever been to. I will be writing more on Hungary in times to come. Relaxing at the only football stadium on …