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Friday’s Featured Food: Kroketten at Cafe Stevens, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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“Here I am in Amsterdam, I like it here, they speak my language.” – Nicky Wire My long awaited return to the Netherlands came with some genuine new found love for these over-trodden, incessantly-beaten European cities. While Rome, Paris and …

Celebrating King’s Day in the Netherlands with KLM and Heineken

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A couple of the top companies in the Netherlands have teamed up with a crazy competition and this awesome video on the Orange Experience for this year during the popular “King’s Day” in the Netherlands (which occurs annually on April 27th). …

Top 5 Random Things to do in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Amsterdam is a city I have fond memories of, spanning 23 years. From my first ever trip without my parents back in 1991 (a school trip while at Kilmaine Primary School) to my more recent adventure in January 2014, there …

coffee and cannabis cake amsterdam

Friday’s Featured Food: “Space Cake” and Coffee in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Twenty three years after my first trip to the Netherlands I was back. By this time, January 2014  serving “Cannabis Coffee” was now illegal in Amsterdam, allegedly. That’s right – something illegal in Amsterdam. You thought this was the city …

durty nellys

Staying in Amsterdam’s Red Light District: Durty Nelly’s Irish Pub, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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It was an odd but yet refreshing feeling when I headed back to Amsterdam in the Netherlands earlier this year. It completed a total full circle for me in life and in truth freaked me out a bit. The story …

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Top 5 Cities I Miss From Europe!

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I often get asked about Europe and why I haven’t written much about my own continent for a while. The real answer is that all my travels in Europe were 2003 – 2009. In the last 4 years I’ve had …