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Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: Dual Nationality, Holding Multiple Passports

Posted By Jonny Blair on 13 Comments

Today on Tuesday’s Travel Essentials it’s time to take advantage of all the passports you can get. You’ll need them – trust me. When you go travelling, your passports fill up quickly with visas and stamps so it’s essential to …

“English League? You’re Having A Laugh!”: Swansea Away, Wales, February 2006

Posted By Jonny Blair on 6 Comments

The backlog of my stories on this blog is getting absolutely ridiculous, life is busy and life passes us by, so I have had little time to reflect on these gracious moments of randomness through the years. As a way …

Sent off for celebrating…Wales 2-2 Northern Ireland (September 2004)

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For some bizarre and unknown reason (justified only by money and the cost of travel) I didn’t go to a single Northern Ireland away match until March 2005, my 25th birthday match in Poland (except the one I’m about to …