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Gordon GuruGod Gets Involved in Other People’s Issues

Posted By Jonny Blair on 3 Comments

“Telling lies is doing nothing wrong!” – Gordon GuruGod. As well as liars, fakes and killers, I can now add stalkers and interferers to my list of people I don’t want to be associated with. This week, on Tuesday I …

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Public Apology to Gordon GuruGod, Ola Mueller and Karolina Kokosz

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“I’m sorry” – Jonny Blair, 2017 I have mentioned on the now un-used Don’t Stop Living Facebook Page that I have apologised for my behaviour to Ola Mueller and Karolina Kokosz. I have admitted I was wrong, accepted it and …

Word for Word email with Gordon GuruGod: APOLOGISE AND STAY OUT OF MY LIFE YOU IDIOT

Posted By Jonny Blair on 2 Comments

“Telling lies is doing nothing wrong” – Gordon GuruGod/John Stalk 4Ward Gordon GuruGod (AKA John Stalk 4 Ward) is one of the WEAKEST and biggest pussies and cowards I ever met on my journey. Too scared to speak his mind …