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Taking a Fashion Tour of Iceland

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Iceland has long had a reputation for eccentricity, quirkiness and not really giving a damn what anyone else thinks is trendy. Remember the pink pants episode and the willy exposure? Reykjavik is fast becoming the ultimate destination for Nordic cool …

Backpacking in Iceland: Top 5 Sights Outside Reykjavik

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“My Mum has gone to Iceland” – Bennett. I think the indie pop band actually meant the shop called Iceland, but of course I’m here to write about travel, yet when I was backpacking through Iceland, I couldn’t help but …

Backpacking in Iceland: Top 5 Sights in Reykjavik

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Iceland isn’t so much a “backpacker’s gem” as it is a traveller’s gem. For a start, it doesn’t border any other countries, so there’s no chance of backpacking there overland. Most people fly in and out, though some get a …

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Backpacking in Iceland: My Top 5 Memories

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My recent trip to the fabulous Faroe Islands reminded me of a similar trip, eight years ago (to the exact month) when I visited Iceland. Although I wrote a fair bit about Iceland at the time, I never dwelled on it, …

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The Day I…Wore Pink Ladies Pants to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

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Another of those “you had to be there” travel stories and this time it comes from Iceland. That magnificent island country that most backpackers in Europe forget about as they’re too busy inter-railing round the mainland. We had booked onto …

Drinking in Keflavik Iceland

The Day I…Missed My Flight In Iceland

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Iceland is a traveller’s paradise and my 5 days there in 2007 were amazing. Geysirs, lagoons, waterfalls and craters, this is a country for the lover of landscape and countryside rather than your urban city buzz. However my 5 day …

Top 3 Waterfalls I’ve Seen

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I’ve seen dozens of waterfalls and as I mentioned once before “you rarely get a sh*t waterfall” (there was one on the Great Ocean Road in Australia actually, as it was literally just a drip of water falling…). But I’ve …

Backpacking in Iceland: The Blue Lagoon

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A thermal swimming pool in Iceland! Most people have heard of The Blue Lagoon haven’t they? Well I’d heard of it and when I realised I was in Iceland, suddenly it would have been stupid not to visit it. So …

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