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Backpacking in Nicaragua: Top 13 Sights in Granada

Posted By Jonny Blair on 2 Comments

Out of all the countries in South and Central America, Nicaragua was the one that suffered most from my busy lifestyle. I only dedicated 5 days to the country in the end (a month in Guatemala and two weeks in …

World Borders: How to Get From Honduras to Nicaragua (Tegucigalpa to Leon)

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Almost everyone you meet will travel through Central America overland and we did the same. We started off in Mexico City and crossed every border overland (except for the Belize to Honduras which was by boat). After exploring Tegucigalpa and …

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Friday’s Featured Food: Desayuno Nica in Leon, Nicaragua

Posted By Jonny Blair on 2 Comments

When backpacking in Nicaragua, my first hostel, the Casona Colonial in Leon didn’t have their own breakfast so I headed out into a restaurant in town to try a local place. I headed to Desayunazo, a popular restaurant on a corner, frequented by …

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Friday’s Featured Food: Nicaraguan Ropa Vieja in Granada, Nicaragua

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I tried only a few “Nicaraguan style meals” on my short visit to the country, and one of those was for dinner in the town of Granada. I headed to a bar and restaurant called Nectar and checked out the …

Hostal San Angel: Best Budget Hostel in Granada, Nicaragua

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Nicaragua is probably the cheapest country in Central America to travel in, that was certainly what I found when I backpacked there. However there are some real bargains to be had when it comes to hostels, cafes and buses. You …

Where to Stay when Backpacking in Leon, Nicaragua: Casona Colonial Hostel

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After a border crossing from Honduras (where I had just been exploring the capital city, Tegucigalpa), I was dumped by the road side 2 kilometres north of the city of Leon. Great! Instead of taxi-ing or bus-sing it, the hardcore …

Backpacking in Nicaragua: How to get from Leon to Granada for $2.80

Posted By Jonny Blair on 6 Comments

As I’m backpacking in Nicaragua this week, I thought I’d give you a quick post on the costs of bus travel within the country, especially as recently the Lonely Planet sucks at giving you the correct information and the fastest, cheapest …