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Top 12 Travel Highlights of 2014

Posted By Jonny Blair on 5 Comments

I’m pretty busy at the moment trying to go through all my unwritten posts, but it’s still nice to reflect on a top 12 travel moments of the year – something I did a similar post on in 2012 and …

Backpacking in El Salvador: Top 12 Sights in the Capital City San Salvador

Posted By Jonny Blair on 5 Comments

If you have followed Don’t Stop Living the last few weeks/months especially my Facebook page you will know that I was raving about my time in El Salvador. From the Fireball Festival to Tazumal to the Mangrove River Tour to …

Visiting El Salvador’s Only UNESCO World Heritage Site: Joya de Ceren

Posted By Jonny Blair on 1 Comment

El Salvador is a backpacker’s dream. Friendly locals, pumping bars, beaches, volcanoes, mountains and just an all round unventured gem. Once you’ve got your bearings and got to grips with the bus systems, you’re good to go anywhere in the …

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Backpacking in El Salvador: Top 6 Sights in Chalchuapa

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The town of Chalchuapa will linger long in my mind. I hadn’t heard of it the day before my visit and I won’t forget it after my day out there. It was a truly magical little town well off the …

World Borders: The Luxury Way to Get from Guatemala to El Salvador (Guatemala City to San Salvador by King Quality)

Posted By Jonny Blair on 4 Comments

While touring Central America, I think I have crossed about 6 or 7 borders, all in different ways, sometimes walking, sometimes ferry, sometimes chicken buses, mini buses, organised transport however the best and smoothest border crossing to date was the …

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Backpacking in El Salvador: Top 10 Sights in Santa Ana

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When you go backpacking in El Salvador you are not quite sure what to expect and most likely, you will stay in places you will never have heard of. The latest surprise gem was Santa Ana. Quite simply this is …

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Backpacking in El Salvador: Boat Tour of Crocodile Creek at Mangrove Forest, Barra de Santiago

Posted By Jonny Blair on 1 Comment

Yet another exciting post today on my journey backpacking in El Salvador. After finding a paradise right by the Pacific Ocean at Capricho Beach House, I booked myself on a boat tour around the protected waters of the Mangrove Forest. …

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Backpacking in El Salvador: Puerta Del Diablo (Devil’s Gate)

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“Knock knock knockin on devil’s gate” – Not Bob Dylan It was a crazy, spontaneous and inspiring 11 days in the country of El Salvador for me and my backpack recently. I simply couldn’t believe the amount of random things …

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