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Backpacking in Australia: Taste The Harvest Festival in Devonport, Tasmania

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Harvesting, fishing and farming work are the main industries on the south Australian island of Tasmania. Within a week of living in “Tassie” I had got myself one of those farming and harvest jobs – I was a broccoli picker. …

Ulverstone and Turner’s Beach, Tasmania, Australia

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Ulverstone is really the next town up from my current base at Devonport. Without doubt it is nothing really special, but I felt it would be worth a drive at least to suss it out. The towns and cities here …

Backpacking in Australia: Melbourne

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Melbourne the city is in itself very different to Sydney and Canberra, the other two main cities we had visited up to this point. Melbourne seems to be slightly older and traditional, evident from the fact it has trams and …

Dont Stop Living in Latrobe - World Capital of the duck billed platypus

Backpacking in Australia: Latrobe, Tasmania – World Capital of the Duck-billed Platypus

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It sounds French. I’m not exactly sure what the link is there. But I’m living in Devonport, only about 10 miles from the village of Latrobe. Latrobe is the self-proclaimed world capital for the duck-billed platypus. Apparently this small village …

Backpacking in Australia: Hobart on Hobart Night, Tasmania

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We didn’t plan to be in Hobart on Hobart Night. We didn’t even know there was such a thing as Hobart Night. I’m still not even sure why there is a Hobart Night. I mean, my capital city is Belfast …

Gordon, Huon Valley and the Southern Wilderness

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It really was a trip into the cool chill of a Tasmanian wilderness in early February 2010. Ten years earlier I would have been back in Bangor, Northern Ireland stacking shelves in Tesco listening to the (then) new Oasis album, …

Thirsty Thursdays: Pizza, Pulp and Winning the Karaoke in Melbourne

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Its almost too obvious doing all the major cities when you’re a traveller or a nomad, but somehow you end up in them anyway. In China I done Beijing, in Belarus Minsk and in Australia Melbourne. I like to get …

Lorne, Koala Bears, Kennet River, Teddy’s Lookout

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It was on the Great Ocean Road trip that we finally saw wild Koala Bears – or any type of Koala Bears at that. And it was perhaps time to thank a few things in the twist of fate that …

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