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Working Wednesdays: Cauliflower Harvest: Squeaking Point

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  Ah the joys of farming and the obscurity of place names. A phone call one night from my boss Hayley went something like this “Jonny, can you be at Squeaking Point for 7 am tomorrow to cut cauliflower?”. Of …

backpacking in antarctica

How to Backpack Your Way to Antarctica!

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Backpacking your way to Antarctica?? Are you serious? Yes! Antarctica is without doubt the most amazing place I have travelled to, to date. It really is like another world and anyone who has been there will agree with me. It’s …

PJ Gallagher's Irish Pub Parramatta, AUSTRALIA

Working Wednesdays: PJ Gallagher’s Irish Pub , Parramatta, Australia

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As long as I live I will never  forget the magic of working in PJ Gallaghers Irish Pub in Parramatta, Australia. It sparked a new lease of life for me and was also my first job while living in the …

How to make wallaby bolognaise

Friday’s Featured Food: Wallaby Bolognaise in Tasmania, Australia

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While living in Tasmania I ended up staying for a while at Tasman Backpackers in Devonport – basically a live in, working hostel for travellers and workers on the nearby farms. Once a month we did a communal food night …

Working Wednesdays: Planting Pyrethrum

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Every Wednesday I bring you a random working Wednesday from my travels. This one ranks as probably the most bizarre job I’ve had to date. Considering the fact that I didn’t even know what on earth pyrethrum was when I …

Top 5 Cities For Night Views

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I was browsing in a camera shop tonight and got thinking about taking photos at night. I suddenly realised that of all the outdoor photos I have uploaded on here, about 95% of them are daytime! So here’s 5 of …

Earn easy money in Australia this week!

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Do you want to earn easy money as a traveller or tourist this week? There are many ways to do it. Read on for an easy one… Today Don’t Stop Living came across this promotion online, which will apply to …

How to get an Australian Working Holiday Visa

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There are a lot of young and inexperienced travellers out there, and if it’s your first time out of your own continent, you might want to head to Australia as a lot of first time backpackers do. Crime rates are …

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