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Mighty Mighty run with the unicorns Wellington New Zealand

Running With The Unicorns – A Normal Night Out in Wellington

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It sounds a bit weird but it’s only to be expected when partying it up on a Saturday night in New Zealand’s capital. I got to “run with the unicorns” but by total chance and thanks to three young ladies …

Backpacking in New Zealand: Salmon Farm, Haast Falls and Bus Tripping West Coast

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Places like this you never appreciate or savour, but you should because YOU WILL NEVER BE HERE AGAIN. And so it was a stop over on route to Wanaka, that we had our lunch time visit to a Salmon Farm, …

Windy Wellington: Blown Away By New Zealand’s Capital City!

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I was warned before coming to Wellington that it was windy. I thought nothing more of it, even onboard my Interislander boat, but once I had arrived in this, one of the southermost capital cities in the world, I knew …

Backpacking in Queenstown: New Zealand’s One

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So what to make of this one?No really, the “party capital” of New Zealand, the “adventure capital” of the world, that is exactly what Queenstown is. There is no reason for this town to even exist. It is a humanly …

DUN – EDIN / EDIN – BURGH: Same City, Different Hemisphere *

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The question “Which Scottish settlement is Dunedin named after?” would have an obvious answer…and from the Scottish capital city of EDIN- Burgh, we find ourselves in Dun – EDIN. The “Burgh” obviously translating itself somehow as the word “Dun” in …

Franz Josef Township - New Zealand

Backpacking in New Zealand: Franz Josef Township

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The word “Township” has always confused me in life, and it wasn’t until 2010 that I thought I knew what it meant. I heard reports from people going to South Africa to watch the World Cup and they said they …

Blue Ice: Franz Josef Glacier Day Hike, South Island, New Zealand

Posted By Jonny Blair on 6 Comments

There are a lot of glaciers in New Zealand, and they are all in the South Island. For whatever reason it was always my plan to do the day hike up the Franz Josef Glacier. It seems to be the …

Relaxing at West Makarora in South Island New Zealand

(West) Makarora

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A mini airport and an isolated yellow private jet were the welcoming sign to the village of Makorora. Or rather West Makarora. That and the immense landscape of never ending trees, hills, rivers, valleys and mountains. A feast for your …

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