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A Liar's Guide to South America by Mike Delwiche

Backpacking in Argentina: Visiting Cataratas Del Iguazu

Posted By Jonny Blair on 5 Comments

I was being all touristy and obvious this time as I arrived in the tropical rainstorm and gorgeous climate of Iguazu. The town itself, known as Puerto Iguazu is nestled nicely on the triple border between Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. …

Adios, Uruguay, Muchas Gracias! *

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Leaving somewhere you love is never easy and always has some emotion or sentiment naturally attached to it, at least in my life. As much as I had loved Uruguay and wanted to stay longer – that was never the …

Backpacking in Brazil: “Down The Waterfall…”, Foz Do Iguaçu

Posted By Jonny Blair on 8 Comments

In December 2010 I made it across the border into Brazil. I went from Argentina to Brazil on a bus across the bridge between Puerto Iguazu and Foz Do Iguacu. There were two border points, one for exiting Argentina and …

The Day I…Smuggled Drugs Through Argentina!!

Posted By Jonny Blair on 13 Comments

I arrived sometime after 6 am at Ezeiza Airport on the edge of Buenos Aires. I was meant to fly from the city’s other airport, Jorge Newberry, used for internal flights (which mine was) but it was conveniently shut. But …

Backpacking in Argentina: Buenos Noches Buenos Aires

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It was time to say Buenos Noches (goodnight) to Buenos Aires exactly this time last year in order for me to fly south down to Ushuaia – the world’s most southern “city” which is located in Argentina at Tierra Del …

Morning Montevideo *

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Arrival into Montevideo was as sweet and delightful as I had imagined as a child. This was one of my dream cities to visit as a kid. Partly my fascination for football but also my understanding and fascination for the …

Jonny Blair flying from Chile to Argentina Don't Stop Living

Airways to Buenos Aires

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It’s a giant in terms of world cities and so I wanted to stroke it off my list – see Maradona’s home, sample the thriving night life and just see what all the fuss is about when it comes to …

Jonny Blair the travelling Northern Irishman does Puerto Iguazu - a lifestyle of travel

Backpacking in Argentina: Puerto Iguazu – The Town

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Most people who travel in South America see the glorious waterfalls of Iguazu as a “must visit”, I didn’t. I’d seen waterfalls in Australia, Canada and Iceland already and for me to see Iguazu would simply be a bonus. However …

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