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Backpacking in Ecuador: New Town Quito

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It has forever confused me as to what people mean when they say “old town” and “new town” about the same town – almost as if they are dividing a city into two parts based solely on age. I don’t …

Thirsty Thursdays: Finn McCool’s Irish Pub – Quito!

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The very words “Finn McCool’s Irish Pub” will linger forever in my own memory and those of 5 other Northern Ireland fans. The reason being that back in 2005 we launched the glamorous and innovative South of England Northern Ireland …

In The Door Of Ecuador

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Arriving in Ecuador was at a substantial extra cost for me. Just 2 nights before my flight to Ecuador (“the equator country”) I had booked 2 flights – on TACA’s website with help and advice from an American guy sharing …

Equator Trip Part 1: Ciudad Mitad Del Mundo, Ecuador – Journey To The Middle Of The World

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It’s a funny feeling when you stand in the middle of the world. Apparently you even weigh less on the Equator. Something to do with forces. But it had been well over a year since I was last in the …

Backpacking in Ecuador: Quito Playing Games With My Heart

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I am forever grateful to the wonderful people we meet when we travel. On arrival in Quito, I met Erin, from the USA. Erin works at Colonial House Hostel and has lived in Quito for a while. I ask her …

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