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Backpacking in Nedland: I Am The Country of Nedland’s Official Consul-General to Northern Ireland

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On my travels I have an absolute obsession for visiting new countries and even better, countries that most don’t recognise or that people think don’t exist! This will be obvious from my recent travel target to whackpack my way to …

40 Most Unusual or Obscure Countries I Have Visited

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If you have followed the blog for what is now 10 years, you might be aware I have a passion for the obscure and absurd. Backpacking places like Rome, Paris and New York just didn’t excite me any more. It …

Backpacking in the Peoples Republic of Podjistan: Top 10 Sights in The Peoples Palace (The Capital)

Posted By Jonny Blair on 12 Comments

I recently went backpacking in the Peoples Republic of Podjistan, this is a tiny, unknown country that borders Northern Ireland. It’s Northern Ireland’s only bordering Micronation and the only non-Muslim country in the world that bans the display and consumption …