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Word for Word email with Gordon GuruGod: APOLOGISE AND STAY OUT OF MY LIFE YOU IDIOT

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“Telling lies is doing nothing wrong” – Gordon GuruGod/John One Stalk 4Ward Gordon GuruGod (AKA John One Stalk 4 Ward) is one of the WEAKEST and biggest pussies and cowards I ever met on my journey. Too scared to speak …

Dating Ola Mueller in Gdansk

What Caused Seven Months of Depression: Ola Mueller’s nasty lies

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Finally I should be able to tell the story as it is and most of this is from my heart today, now I can begin to understand why I am depressed. It is January 2017 and I have been depressed …

Backpacking in Kokoszkowy: Top 15 Ola Mueller Lies

Backpacking in Kokoszkowy: Top 13 Ola Mueller Lies

Posted By Jonny Blair on 8 Comments

Depression here is now into month number 8, the blog Don’t Stop Living ended, I started a new project at Northern Irishman in Poland and I begged serial liar Ola Mueller to admit she lied and apologise. She didn’t and …

Ola Mueller from Kokoszkowy, PLEASE PLEASE Apologise For Your Lies

Ola Mueller from Kokoszkowy, PLEASE PLEASE Apologise For Your Lies At Christmas Time

Posted By Jonny Blair on 8 Comments

This blog might be finished and it’s been the worst 6 months of my life, but I got a 50% boost last weekend with 1 out of 2 of the girls to blame finally giving me an answer that made …

ola mueller starogard aleksandra mueller

Fake Apology From Ola Mueller, The Girl Who Caused My Depression

Posted By Jonny Blair on 10 Comments

Another attempt for me to escape the severe depression which should really have caused my suicide. I’m too strong, that I have survived. But sadly, the game is up for this blog and most people know that – Ola Mueller …

It’s Over. The End of Don’t Stop Living.

Posted By Jonny Blair on 14 Comments

There is nothing really more to say. I have 1 or 2 articles almost finished that I will publish and that is it. It’s over. Don’t Stop Living began in 2007 as a passionate real life travel blog and I …

Friday’s Featured Food: Eating at Kubicki, the Oldest Restaurant in Gdańsk, Poland

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Again, Friday’s Featured Food has been a neglected part of my blog and as you can imagine, I have eaten enough different types of food on my journey to keep this as a weekly fixture for ten years or more, …

Interview with Ron Hands

Interview with 83 Year Old Blogger Ron Hands in Southbourne, Dorset, England: Author of ‘Growing Up With War’

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“Bring a smile. It’s a winner.” – Ron Hands, 2016. If nothing on this site ever inspires you, perhaps this one can. It was a joy, privilege, and honour to meet up with, interview and sink beer with Ron Hands. …

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