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On Monday’s Don’t Stop Living brings you valuable money saving tips on your travels.

hong kong international airport cheap

Monday’s Money Saving Tips: The Cheapest Way to Get to Hong Kong Airport

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My money saving tips on Hong Kong haven’t really been covered too much on here, backpacking round the rest of Asia and the Middle East has taken priority recently, so it’s back to Hong Kong this month to get caught …

One of my favourite easy to cook meals - cheese on toast with a bit of pepperoni!

Monday’s Money Saving Tips: Cook Your Own Food

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It’s been a long time coming with this one, I know, but it’s not something I actually do a lot – generally eating out is cheap for me anyway. But I used to cook my own food all the time, …

Check the price of things with locals.

Monday’s Money Saving Tips: Ask the Locals What Price Things Are

Posted By Jonny Blair on 2 Comments

As you travel through endless unknown towns and cities, you end up getting “off the backpacker trail”. This only serves to make you a more raw and real traveller in my opinion, as you gain more and more local friends …

washing your own clothes when you travel

Monday’s Money Saving Tips: Wash Your Own Clothes

Posted By Jonny Blair on 2 Comments

I have to admit I’m a dirty cheapskate traveller sometimes but hey, I’d rather be like this and save money to keep me on the road longer. Today on Monday’s Money Saving Tips, I’m sharing my advice on saving money …

mondays money saving tips

Monday’s Money Saving Tips: Buy Cheap Travel Books

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As a constant traveller, everything isn’t in my head, nor do I love looking up the internet for travel information tips. I’m very much an old school type when it comes to research and reading about destinations. I LOVE reading …

sharing food jonny dont stop living

Monday’s Money Saving Tips: Sharing Food and Splitting Costs

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Today on Monday’s Money Saving Tips, it’s time for more food tips. On your travels, eating out takes it’s toll. Flashy restaurants with their welcoming scents have to be ignored as they’re beyond your budget, 5 course meals become a …

water jonny blair money saving

Monday’s Money Saving Tips: Saving Money On Water On Your Travels

Posted By Jonny Blair on 7 Comments

. It’s an essential part of your backpacking days and you simply need to drink water. Over the years I’ve learned not to waste money buying water as every traveller seems to do. Here are a few tips on saving …

tired of talking on my phone jonny blair

Monday’s Money Saving Tips: Useful Phone Guide for Backpackers

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While you’ll never see me backpacking with a mobile phone, thanks to my well organised girlfriend, I reluctantly do carry a mobile phone with me these days (though I rarely use it and am never seen with it in my …

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