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Reminiscing the USA: My Time in Florida

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Long before I was backpacking, I had some family adventures in the USA. They are so untypical of my travels, that I never wrote about them. Can you believe I once toured Walt Disney World, Splendid China, Universal Studios and …

The Top Tourist Attractions in Puerto Rico

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If you are going to be taking a trip to Puerto Rico, you may start looking into just what you will have to do while you are there for your trip. Many people may not realize that there is so …

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How Casinos Attract Visitors to Las Vegas

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  Casinos are synonymous with the bustling city of Las Vegas and every day, they compete with each other in a bid to draw the tourists in to spend wildly on their tables. While Sin City is famous for its …

Win a Trip to Las Vegas, Nevada, USA!!

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Magical Vegas is bringing the readers of Don’t Stop Living a chance to win a trip to Las Vegas in Nevada, USA! You could win a 7 night stay in Magical Vegas as well as some spending money to boot. …

Top 5 Sports Venues in Chicago, Illinois, USA

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Chicago, Illinois, is a hard-working city known for its office and business culture. However, work aside, this city houses some of the best sports venues in the United States. While you might not find them next to the towering skyscrapers, …

Five Cool Tours to Check out in Richmond, Virginia, USA

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When you base yourself in┬áRichmond, Virginia, you are in a slightly less-traveled U.S. tourist city. You will be glad to know that there are many fun activities to see and do in Richmond. Some great hotels in the city, such …

Five Good Quality Budget Hotels in New York City, USA

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New York is a phenomenal city that attracts millions of visitors every year. When you visit sites like Hipmunk looking for a hotel in NYC, you are faced with a huge choice of places to stay. The city boasts over …

Five Themed Hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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Las Vegas, Nevada, is the city of many people’s dreams, and most travelers rave about the nightlife, the vibe and the casinos, bars and restaurants here. There are certainly lots of random activities, bars, and cafes in Las Vegas to …

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