Depression Zone: How to Recover From a Serial Liar, Or Can You?

“Liars imagine that everyone around them is just as dishonest as they are, and thus see even honest partners as deserving to be exploited.” 🙁

As the days go on, I get gradually worse. Life is over for me. There is absolutely nothing left to live for. Unless nasty manipulator, fake friend Aleksandra Ola Mueller finally comes clean and admits her lies, gives her reasons for those lies(she must have reasons) and finally apologises. Until that day, I am the victim and I am to blame. Why chose me to lie to ? Why?

Dining out with "friend" Ola Aleksandra Mueller kłamca liar

Nasty Ola Aleksandra Mueller lied – ona jest kłamca / she is a liar

I have spent over 2 years trying to recover. Nothing worked. Going to see family – that never works. Hanging out with friends – that never works. Starting a new project or job – that never works. Settling down in a flat – this did work for a while. Going backpacking again – that never works. Seeing doctors, psychologist, psychiatrists, psychopaths. Taking anti-depressants. None of these methods EVER EVER work in mental health or depression. What does work is the person who caused it admitting their crimes. Yes, lying is a crime. When I established my own country in 2016, the Don’t Stop Living travel blog country, one of the laws is that lying is illegal. Here are three sites which have tried to piece together in my mind why Ola Mueller might have lied.


I already confronted our serial liar in 2016 about her lies and she told a lie back “No I didn’t lie” said nasty Mueller.

Does the other person acknowledge he or she lied? If the other person denies lying, it is difficult to move towards forgiveness.

  • Be very, very careful of accusing another person of lying. Be sure you have explored Step #1 first.
  • If you have a good relationship with the other person, try to give the other person a way to “save face”. In other words, a graceful way to tell the truth without looking bad. Example: Your friend lied about placing first in a swimming championship. You know she actually placed third, and asks if she is mixing her story up with last year, when she placed first. By doing so, she can correct her story without embarrassment–and the truth is still told.

Sadly in point 3 of this option, the OTHER person is NOT willing to talk about it, they are in total denial about their lies. Ola Mueller insists she didn’t lie, even though the police have all the evidence. Ola Mueller is now unapproachable. I blocked her first back in September 2016, but since then she has now blocked me and refused to answer my emails or messages. This means she is not strong enough to admit her lies and apologise. Does she still think it is ok? If I kill myself today, she must know that her lies are the sole reason for it?

Inc list 5 ways to recover from a liar.

This statement is EXACTLY how I feel. Ola’s lies made it look like I was to blame as she chose to lie to me, as she knew I was an honest man. She didn’t lie to her other friends.

Been Taken Advantage of? It Just Means You’re Honest

It’s happened to us all, one time or another. We’ve put our trust in someone who didn’t deserve it, and found out later we were being deceived. Whether the deceiver was a spouse, partner, family member, business partner, or employee, we feel betrayed and hurt. But even worse, we feel responsible. “What’s wrong with me that I allowed this to happen?” we wonder.

3.A Conscious Rethink

This website has an article about how to respond when you find out someone has lied to you.

Sadly I can class some of Mueller’s lies in this nasty bracket of faking lies rather than being blunt and truthful from the start. This quote resonates with me, but is also completely sad and hard to take that these people not only exist, but I had the misfortune to meet one of them:

“These little white lies are unfortunate, but they are a general part of social interaction and getting to know a person.

You can live your life with blunt, brutal honesty, but you may find this approach ruffles some feathers and drives people away.”

And so with my blunt, brutal honesty, I drove people away??? Oh really, because with me it works the opposite sadly. I love the blunt, brutal honest people with balls. I hate the fakes – the liars, the fake bloggers, the GuruGods, the wannabes. In fact, I fucking hate them! They are vile and are criminals in my country, Don’t Stop Living.

I’ll never stop being honest, but depression is now into month 30 and showing no signs of healing. 🙁

To all intents and purposes, Ola Mueller’s nasty lies are responsible for my death, whenever that may be. Mental health is serious. Don’t joke about it and

NEVER EVER EVER LIE TO YOUR FRIENDS. EVER. You will be responsible for their death.

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