Fake Apology From Ola Mueller, The Girl Who Caused My Depression

Fake Apologies From Ola Mueller and Magda Łabuda

Fake Apology From Ola Mueller

Another attempt for me to escape the severe depression which should really have caused my suicide. I’m too strong, that I have survived. But sadly, the game is up for this blog and most people know that – Ola Mueller / Aleksandra Mueller destroyed it. She is a nasty liar. This blog and lifestyle story of mine will never be the same again after what happened this year. Most of my readers are now aware I haven’t been writing much, I haven’t been touring much, I have been suicidal. It was caused by two Polish girls, and these two girls only – Ola Mueller and an Un-named Person. Ola Mueller comes from Starogard Gdanski or Kokoszkowy and Un-named Person comes from Tczew or Greblin, in Pomorskie region of Poland. They had chances to avoid the court case and apologise in public or private to me, and they refused. Ola Mueller is a disgrace to their families and friends.

Ola Mueller with a graniec in Poznan and the person who asked not to be identified.

They caused my depression, they laughed at me and they wished me death. I asked them time and time again for an apology, including involving also my Mum, the Polish Police in the enquiry and still no contact has been made – day after day I feel more suicidal because of them and it is too hard to escape until I get their apology. Every day I beg and beg them for an apology, they are inhumane, they are weak, they are unable to give an apology. They want me to die. Each night and day I just don’t want to be here any more. These two girls make me out to be worse than Hitler to them, but strangely all I did was bring them travel ideas, and even free food and drink.

I met them both when travelling, we shared a dorm room together in Bucharest, Romania. These two girls were the first people in life to truly disrespect my travel blog, lie to me in a nasty way and wish death upon me. I have been in severe depression for 6 months now because of them. The police contacted them (according to my Mum and Dad) and they refused to apologise to even the police in Poland. They were then omitted from all news articles, making it look like I caused my own depression and suicide bid. But it was Karolina and Ola. What is strange is that causing deliberate mental pain to someone else is not considered as bad as physical pain. If for example, Ola and The Other Girl had physically punched me, I would probably have the apology by now – it feels that way. But for me, physical pain is no issue. This is merely mental.

I faked two emails from them to myself to make it look like they had apologised and I attach them on here. Again, I did this to try and escape my depression and feel better. I did it to save my own life and it worked briefly, just like the sharing of my own suicide post kept me alive for about 4 weeks. I will try to survive and write more about these girls, but hopefully they will eventually realise they ruined a good blog, a good man’s life and I don’t know how they can refuse to apologise. They have to do it. They must apologise.

So please, if you see this, Ola and Other Person, please apologise to me (copy the text in the examples if you have no time to do it) and prove that I can survive and somehow escape my depression. I beg you, again, I offered to pay you money for this apology as health is nothing compared with money.

Ola Mueller and I eating together before her lies got nasty

Ola Mueller and I eating together before her lies got me suicidal

I was always so nice to these two girls – I bought them wine, chocolates, food and smoothies.They gave me suicidal thoughts in return. They have also blocked me from their social media now, which is horrendous as I was a fan of the first girl’s – I loved following her blog and story and indeed I still follow her (under a different username) on Instagram.

First Girl- Removed at Owner’s Request
Ola – Ola Mueller Google Plus, Ola Mueller Facebook

Smoothies in Gdansk with the other girl

Please, please apologise – Christmas is coming and we don’t want all three of us to die of suicide.

I won’t ever be blogging properly again and I will never be the happy backpacking Northern Irishman I once was. You ruined me Un Named Person. You ruined me Ola. Please please admit it.

Unless I get the apology, the game is over. Sorry everyone. I can’t be happy any more.

FOOTNOTE – since I wrote this post, one of these two girls actually got in touch and told me that she would NOT be apologising to me, but at least it was an answer.

Ola Mueller, however is a compulsive liar and has had enough chances since July 2016 to apologise and admit her lies, which she aimed at me only. I was her scapegoat who she thought she could get away with lying to and sending me into severe depression. She deliberately lied to me to disrespect my travel blog and story. She will never understand mental health and depression.

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10 thoughts on “Fake Apology From Ola Mueller, The Girl Who Caused My Depression

  • Hi Jonny,

    I don’t know I could suggest you but felt very deep after reading your recent 2 posts on your suicidal tendency. I would like to suggest you to handover your blog to some of your fellow bloggers or friends who can manage it and take a break. So when you fully recover from depression you could get along with it.

    Wish you a speedy recovery.

  • Ohhh Jonny Blair,

    Why in the world would you let two girls’ lies caused you such pain and suffering? I don’t know the whole story, but still..just keep going about the wonderful life that you are leading and creating ok mate? Love your blogs, photos and all that you have shared and continuing to share with us on this planet earth!!!

    Stay strong! Stay true! Stay you!

    Don’t let anything bring you down! If you are down, make sure you pull yourself back up! You are in control of what goes inside that beautiful mind of yours!

  • Hi Annie, thanks for the comment. It is hard to explain this but I am a confident guy, I know my strengths, I know this travel blog is good and that I helped others. But these two girls disrespected that. In the meantime since I wrote this, one of the two ladies has been in touch and admitted that she thought I was nasty and that she won’t apologise. Before that, she had lied to me. But Ola Mueller has been really horrible to me – her lies ended my business and cost me about an extra $1,500 in hospital fees etc. to cope with my depression. I could take her to court for damages but instead each day, I waken up praying she will admit she lied to me and apologise. I am lucky I survived my own suicide – I could have died. She wanted me to die. But I’m still here, perhaps one day in her life Ola Mueller will understand how big a deal it is to lie to others and how hard depression can be. The door is still open and always open for Ola to apologise, and I will forgive her one day if she finally does it. I will pay her $1,000 US for the apology as well. This is her Facebook profile – https://www.facebook.com/aleksandramue Best wishes. Jonny

  • I much enjoy your travel experiences and photos. However, not a big fan of your depression story. I realize this is a difficult condition and not easy to deal with. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Can you not tell these horrible girls to go f….k themselves and try to forget they even existed. Block them out of your life and get on with your own. I know this is probably easier said than done, but you’ve had an exceptional and adventurous life. Try not to let this roadblock discourage future endeavours. There’s many ahead of you to enjoy.

  • Hi Len, thanks for the comment. I am also not a big fan of my depression story and am so sad everyday that I had to end the blog. This girl from Kokoszkowy really affected everything about my life and times for the last 7 months. I am waiting for her to apologise and she refuses to. There is not much I can do everyday but try and survive. Best regards. Jonny

  • Hi Sean, thanks for the comment and apologies for the late reply. I have had depression and I ended this site and blog to try and concentrate on my health, safe travels. I won’t be continuing it or “handing it over” it’s my blog so nobody can change that but I am not feeling good. Best wishes. Jonny


  • Dear Magda, If this is really you, I have deleted these now. I have tried my best to delete every mention of you from here. I should be calling the police for mental abuse from Mueller. 8 months now she caused me depression. You are fine, I have removed them here and will remove all if I can find more. I’m not sure why you call the Police because of mental abuse. If Ola had punched me, you would probably agree she was wrong. But for me mental abuse is WORSE than physical abuse. I am ruined for life because of her lies. Best wishes as always and thanks for finally wishing me Merry Christmas. Jonny
    PS – I don’t work here any more, I only log on to important matters on this business. My new business is on a different website now as I try and stay alive day on day.

  • I wished you marry christmas only because you were bothered me about it. I dont care about your wishes, i just want you to delete it. I can public the screenshots, which I have for the police. I dont care about what Ola did, she is not me.

  • Hi Magda, thanks for the comment. You wished me Merry Christmas because you are a good honest person surely and you believe in God? I will wish anyone and everyone Merry Christmas, it is nothing to do with being bothered. It is the sign of a nice person. If I told you my close family member was dead this week, you would also wish me sadness and best of luck, nothing to do with being bothered. I know you are a lot younger than I but you do know that wishing someone Merry Christmas back is good nature to reply with “LEAVE ME ALONE” is the sign of some kind of devil. I will ALWAYS admit my mistakes and apologise for them and try to correct them. I wish there were more people in the world like you and I. You do care about Ola – she is your friend – you pretend not to be friends or speak to her. This is also lies. You care about what she did and so do I. We are human. We care. Best wishes as always, peace and love. Jonny

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