Friday’s Featured Food: Frozen Banana on a Stick in Antigua, Guatemala

Friday's Featured Food: Frozen banana on a stick in Antigua, Guatemala.

Friday’s Featured Food: Frozen banana on a stick in Antigua, Guatemala.

If you’ve been to Guatemala you’ll be aware that it’s cheap. You’ll also realise pretty quickly that food wise it’s always second best to its northern amigo Mexico. At least in my opinion. So to find some intriguing local treats in Guatemala is always nice. Enter frozen banana on a stick wrapped in white chocolate with nuts on top, which I tried while backpacking the old streets of Antigua.

Backpacking in Antigua, Guatemala.

Backpacking in Antigua, Guatemala.

Where can you find the Frozen banana on a stick?
We found it in the town of Antigua. In a local shop near our hostel El Hostal. It is stored in the freezer.

Frozen banana on a stick in Antigua, Guatemala.

Frozen banana on a stick in Antigua, Guatemala.

How much does the Frozen banana cost?
Mine was a big one and cost just 3Quetzals. That’s about 40 US cents! A bargain.

What does the Frozen banana taste like?
No surprises here. It tastes exactly as you’d imagine. Chopped nuts on the top, crunchy white chocolate coating and a frozen banana inside. Well recommended as a quick bite as you walk through the streets of Antigua!

Buen Provecho!

Buen Provecho!

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2 Responses to Friday’s Featured Food: Frozen Banana on a Stick in Antigua, Guatemala

  1. Marvin says:

    Hi, Jonny. I’m glad you enjoyed your time in Guatemala. It is always nice to read what travelers have to say about my home country. About this post just want to add that the banana on a stick is called “chocobanano”. “Choco” because is cover in chocolate, I am clarifying this because you can find other fruits on a stick cover in chocolate and all they have this “choco” prefix. For example, chocopiña, chocopapaya, chocofresa and so on. The places where you can find them will generally have a sign with the “se venden chocobananos” legend, and is almost sure that they will have other fruits. I know you are now in El Salvador but I hope you and other travelers find this information useful or, at least, curious 🙂

  2. Jonny Blair says:

    Hi Marvin, so great to hear from somebody reading who is Guatemalan, thanks for the comment and the excellent information!! I loved my Chocobanano!! Safe travels. Jonny

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