Gordon GuruGod Gets Involved in Other People’s Issues

“Telling lies is doing nothing wrong!” – Gordon GuruGod.

As well as liars, fakes and killers, I can now add stalkers and interferers to my list of people I don’t want to be associated with. This week, on Tuesday I was happy again in life and then a wannabe guru called Gordon Gurujob interfered in MY LIFE. I was looking forward to giving my Mum a call on her birthday and having a long chat, I felt depressed again from Gordon’s conniving plans. But I LOVE MY MUM.

I love you Mum

Gordon doesn’t know me, doesn’t know my friends, doesn’t understand remote travel to villages and doesn’t understand depression. He saw the need to interfere in MY life when I was happy just so he could make me depressed. He contacted MY friends from my journey, MY contacts, MY Mum trying to act as some kind of good guy to boost his own ego and poach my cool travel friends. For whatever reason (presumably to boost his ego and business) he contacted Karolina and Kamila, two of my travel friends from the past. He then took their side of a 3 year story he knows nothing about.

When Gordon asked me to delete all mentions of him on my blog straight away, I did it. I apologised and did it without hesitation. I asked him to delete ONE comment and he refused. He has no balls and refused to do it.

This was my last message to Gordon, Karolina and Kamila:

“Karolina, I hope this will be the last time I have to contact you all:

You don’t know Gordon. Who is he? Who does he think he is? He interferes in other people’s issues to make himself look better. He has a track record of doing this. Be very careful with him. I deleted all the things he wanted straight away, and with you I am also doing this as I am an honest genuine person. But he didn’t have the balls to delete the things I wanted from him. He is all “me me me” and if he really cared as he said “I’m trying to help you” – then leave my friends and family alone GuruGod. You’re not welcome. You don’t know the story.

I have no idea why he decided to interfere as he didn’t meet us and enjoy our nice journey together. Don’t trust him Karolina and Kamila. I have already blocked him from all my sites and social medias and reported his post for libelous slander. To accuse my backpacking travel writing of being creepy is also ridiculous. My stories on Zaspa, Pelplin, Starogard were well received from my heart and nothing creepy. You know this and so do intelligent people.

And you give me demands? Why should I go home to my Mum?? I have been away 14 years! GuruGod is not a doctor or a guru – why is he telling ME what to do? Karolina – you said that my situation with Kamila had nothing to do with you so why does Gordon (a complete stranger and a person clearly lacking in morals, birthday wishes and basic intelligence) get involved in this? He is an idiot and a stranger to all of us. I don’t trust him and his sneaky tactics.

I am here in Poland to stay and promote your country in a positive way. Each day I may be close to suicide but I am survivor.

Kamila – you lied, you made mistakes, you ruined me, it was terrible. Please apologise and finish this once and for all. If not, my new charity can help you overcome your fears and live to be a better person and admit your lies. “I’m so proud of you”.

I was happy on Tuesday, was ready to start my new project and leave the past behind until Gordon got involved and drove me to suicide. Stay out of this Gordon. Stay out of it or you will be taken to court in your home town for interfering with my family’s life, especially contacting my Mum – she wants to hear nothing more from you – today is her birthday and I LOVE HER. This is my issue Gordon and you should keep your arrogant ass out of it.

Finally, and for the fifth time or more I am sorry for any hurt caused to any of you the last 8 months. I didn’t mean any harm and will always apologise for and correct my faults. I am a man of pure passion, heart and hard work. I admit my wrongdoings and strive to be the best man around.

Best wishes,

Peace and Love.

Jonny Blair

  • (I sent this on email to Gordon, Karolina and Kamila today – as always from my heart it is pure and honest)
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