Honest Pure Travel Blogger and Genuine Tourist Loses

Don’t be honest

Don’t be pure

Don’t be geunine.

You will lose in life. You will be destroyed by NASTY LIARS, Wannabe GuruGods.

I travelled the world for 14 years being NICE to people.

I was then LIED to by Nasty.

When I asked Nasty if they lied and to simply admit it and apologise their reply was an even worse lie.

“No I didn’t lie. Have a nice day my friend” – Nasty.

It was all a lie.

I remain nice and honest and pure.


Nasty lied.

Be careful who you meet.

I pray every day to stay alive only and for nasty to finally admit their lies and apologise.

I was stalked (and my friends and family) by a Guru God for 18 months now. Despite blocking them in Octiber 2016, they still stalk me this week. Go AWAY. Leave me alone you asshole.

Nasty lied. Gordon stalked.

Nasty Lied

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