How To Choose The Right Hair Transplant Centre In Turkey?

How to choose the right hair transplant centre in Turkey?

Having to opt for a surgical procedure, regardless of how small it could be, drowns you in anxiety. The stress and responsibility of having to choose the right hospital for the procedure can be very overwhelming. Hair transplants are considered cosmetic surgery, which only adds fuel to the fire as you will have to live with the consequences of your hair transplants.

Istanbul, as the world’s capital of hair transplants, is home to hundreds of hair transplant centres. While the over-population of clinics meets the increased demands of thousands of hair transplant patients, it also means patients have to do more diligence to find the right centre. Below are four factors you should regard while on the hunt for a hair transplant centre in Turkey to ensure your safety.

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1- Accreditation

This factor should be what you look out for first when searching for centres. Begin your elimination process according to government certifications, and you will significantly limit down your selection of hair transplant centres. There are only a certified number of medical tourism centres which you can find in the following article.

It is essential that you make sure the hair transplant centre you are interested in is certified as that is the first measure of the quality of medical care presented. The quality of medical care you will receive throughout your stay will reflect on your final results.

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2- Operates in surgery rooms

Hair transplants are low-risk aesthetic procedures; however, that does not mean risk-free. There are still risks involved, and if you and the medical crew at your centre of choice neglect the necessary precautions, your hair transplant experience might turn into a nightmare for you.

Make sure the centre you seek for hair transplants operates in sterilized operation rooms instead of clinic rooms as this will decrease the risk of infection. Hair transplant centres like Vera Clinic, run the procedure in operation theatres according to international medical guidelines.

3- Google reviews

Nothing could top reviews from past patients when it comes to trusted sources. A quick google search on the hair transplant centre you are interested in could show you their real side. Skim through the hundreds of reviews and judge for yourself.

4- Before and after pictures

Cosmetic surgery is not that far from art, meaning the secret for an immaculate finish lies in the hands of the surgeon. For your scalp to be successfully transformed and its locks restored the hands of the surgeon of choice have to be skilled. Thankfully, you do not have blindly submit your scalp and pray for the best to evaluate how experienced a surgeon is. Most hair transplant centres display their results on their website, review the results and decide for yourself.

In summary

With hundreds of hair transplant centres to choose from, the process can be very puzzling. However, if you begin by first eliminating non-certified centres, you can remarkably shrink your choices. Next, ensure the centre operates in surgery rooms to avoid complications during or after the procedure. Also, review before and after pictures to assess the surgeon’s skill and finally read reviews on google from past patients to have an idea of their services.

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