How to Cut Down Your Business Trip Costs

Business trips are a rather common practice in the corporate world. It is a means of communication and a way to grow your company’s interest by meeting new clients in various places of the world, although they aren’t that cheap.

How to Cut Down Your Business Trip Costs

When you take airplane tickets, transportation, accommodation, and food into consideration, you can very easily go over your planned budget and end up spending much more than you intended.

We’ve asked guys at Imperial Limo Worldwide, who are in the transportation field themselves if there’s any way to cut those costs and organize a true business trip experience without spending too much money.

Jonny Blair Business Backpacker.

Plan ahead

Business trips can often interrupt your planned schedule and yearly budget as new opportunities arise and you have no other option but to opt for a last minute flight or a hotel reservation. This is a common practice in the corporate world and you’d pay any price to complete your trip in a timely fashion.

In order to avoid these extra costs, at least partially, you can plan your future trips ahead. You don’t have to organize the whole thing six months in advance, but buying plane tickets early will reduce your expenses immensely.

This is a perfect way to directly affect the amount of money you will be spending on this trip, stay within budget and perhaps allocate resources to some other aspect of your meeting.

business backpacking

My current adventures – being a Business Backpacker.

Travel more – spend less

If business trips occur regularly, you should definitely consider applying for various programs and discounts airlines and hotels offer if you use their services frequently.

It is usually organised like a reward system, where you accumulate points every time you use services of a given organized company, which you can later spend on different benefits like free food, stays, and flights. organized

This is a great way to build trust with the company of your choice and be rewarded, there is just no reason not to sign up and gains perks that benefit everyone

jonny blair dont stop living business cards

Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: Business Cards and Keeping in Touch

Reevaluate your travel expenses

Every company has a certain set of expenses they cover for each of their corporate trips, in other words, travel policies. You should review it every now and then by gathering data and personal experiences of your employees.

You need to cover all their basic expenses like flight, transport, hotel, three meals a day. The rest is pretty much optional and depends on the nature of the trip, but if you can cut costs here and there and still be able to provide a decent experience, then you can take pride in organizing a professional business trip by being clever and economical.

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Working Wednesdays: I’m a Business Backpacker these days…

Cut a deal with a transportation company

The image is everything and nothing leaves a better impression than arriving at a corporate meeting in a nice and expensive car. This might seem irrelevant, but it can actually boost your confidence and give you an edge in the conversation you are about to partake as it leaves a strong impression as someone who really means business.

Not only that, by registering a business account with one of the transportation companies you save a lot of money. Rent-a-car, taxi or Uber are all viable options but can be costly and unreliable, depending on the area you visit. Transportation company offers a professional service with comfort, safety, and efficiency as their primary goals.

Skype meeting

Without a doubt, the best way to save money on a business trip is to not go on a trip at all. Modern technology offers a tremendous amount of ways to communicate, and a lot of it is designed just for businesses’ sake, to speed things up and cut expensive travel costs.

You should use that to your advantage any time you deem viable. Do you want to organize a simple conference call where standard procedures would be discussed? Online meeting is all you ever need.

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