It’s True – You Do Float!! I Went Floating in the Dead Sea, Israel

floating in the dead sea

Yes – you really can float in the Dead Sea!!

While a load of young backpackers “tick off” the Dead Sea early on, it took me until the age of 33 to finally visit the lowest point on earth. I had a couple of choices to see the Dead Sea as I have been backpacking the Middle East for a few months and was in Jordan, Palestine and Israel. Three countries who have a “spot” on the Dead Sea.

neve midbar jonnys travel blog

Arrival at the Dead Sea Resort at Neve Midbar, Israel.

In the end I opted to visit the Dead Sea just once, rather than from all three sides. I’m pretty glad I chose Israel as my country to experience the Dead Sea. It was all worth it!

dead sea low

Dead Sea – the lowest place on earth at MINUS 426 metres.

How to Get to the Dead Sea?

To be honest if you go backpacking in Israel and can’t work out how to get to the Dead Sea then there is something wrong. All the best hostels have adverts, all your fellow backpackers will tell you how to get there as well as sharing their stories. My advice is base yourself in Jerusalem for at least a few nights – I ended up spending almost 6 full days in and around Jerusalem and loved it.

My next bit of advice is stay at the awesome Abraham Hostel. I’ll be writing about this hostel soon – it’s a top place to make new friends, relax and get all the info on the tours you can do. They do a few Dead Sea tours, which also include other things, such as Ein Gedi Nature Reserve and Masada World Heritage Site.

dead sea lowest point on earth

Looking down on the lowest place on earth – the Dead Sea!

How much does it cost to visit the Dead Sea?
I met a few backpackers who had done it alone and found it tiring and cumbersome to get to a “free beach”, not to mention your time on buses and the waiting around. The Dead Sea isn’t just on the edge of a city so realistically you can’t walk it. Local buses do run from Jerusalem. But get with a tour and you’ll love it. I headed there on a day tour with Tourist Israel. A Masada and Dead Sea day tour starts from 275 Israeli Shekels ($75 US Dollars). 7am – 5pm all day. I did the Masada Sunrise tour which also included En Gedi Nature Reserve which was awesome. You can just choose to do the Dead Sea tour only, which includes the visit, transfer there and back and that costs 150 Israeli Shekels ($40 US Dollars).

dead sea israel

Doing the typical “reading photo” in the Dead Sea in Israel.

What do you need to take to the Dead Sea?
Swimming trunks and towel. Water, sun cream, sun glasses, a camera and some money. That’s what I recommend. I also took a magazine (to pose with) and my well travelled Northern Ireland flag.

jonny blairs travel blog northern ireland flag dead sea

Flying the Northern Ireland flag in the Dead Sea at Neve Midbar, Israel.

What part of the Dead Sea did I visit?
I went to Neve Midbar resort. It’s a resort in the Neve Midbar part of the Negev desert. There are a load of different Dead Sea resorts though.

neve midbar dead sea

The entrance to the Neve Midbar Beach resort by the Dead Sea.

What facilities do they have there?
Showers, changing rooms, toilets for males and females on the entrance. A few souvenir shops. A beach side bar. Lifeguards. Outdoor showers by the Dead Sea. Parasols and beach chairs to sit on. A restaurant.

facilities at neve midbar

Dont worry about facilities – showers, beers, restaurant, souvenirs – plenty of facilities here!

You’re pretty much sorted for facilities.

bar at neve midbar

Yes – there’s even a bar here but beware the beers aren’t cheap!

What three things should you do in the Dead Sea?
1. Float in it
2. Immerse yourself in mud (found at the bottom of the sea)
3. Swim in it (even non swimmers can do it!)

jonny blair travel blog dont stop living floating

Floating in the Dead Sea at Neve Midbar, Israel!

Can you REALLY float in the Dead Sea?
Believe it or not YES!! I was a real cynic and non-believer and thought the whole being able to float thing was a hoax. I was convinced there was no way you could float in the Dead Sea. Of course I was proved wrong!The high concentration of salt in these waters allows you to float with ease.

dead sea mud jonny blair

Getting muddy in the Dead Sea. The natural mud is good for your skin.

Can you swim to Jordan from Israel across the Dead Sea?
In theory yes, but there are lifeguards watching, and there is a line of rope which you shouldn’t cross. Of course there is no actual border on the sea, but I’d recommend not crossing the border this way. Besides, where’s your passport and backpack?!

jordan israel dead sea

Enjoying the Dead Sea views – we’re standing in Israel but the land on the other side is Jordan.

Why is it called the Dead Sea?
Because it’s “dead”, there is absolutely no life in it. No animals or even fish live in it. This has its bonuses such as no fishermen to annoy you, no sharks or crocodiles and a pure sea of water, salt and minerals.

neve midbar dead sea jonny blair

Enjoying the mud of the Dead Sea at Neve Midbar.

What should you not do in the Dead Sea?
Here are a few no-nos:
1. Drink the water
2. Put your eyes in the water (it stings)
3. Go fishing (even the Irish would know this is the height of idiocy)
4. Get your penis out. It’s not a nudist beach. Breasts may be acceptable though I didn’t see any.
5. Leave rubbish
6. Take bottles anywhere near the water

Most of these are written on the sign on the way in:

neve midbar resort rules

The rules of visiting Neve Midbar Dead Sea resort.

How long should you spend in the Dead Sea?
For me an hour was enough to get what it was all about, but it’s at your discretion of course. Don’t go before dawn or after dusk.

neve midbar resort

The Neve Midbar resort at the Dead Sea in Israel.

Make sure you get your floating photos, it’s a great travel memory! A decent place to relax too…

dead sea relaxing

Relaxing by the Dead Sea! Safe travels…

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